Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The "Wizardry" of Dr. Oz: Merely a Magically Shameless Self-Promoter

...Until now, when he was hauled in front of the U.S. Congress
for touting all manner of minerals, organics, etc., in addition
to recommending the rarely tried and true, largely ignored,
"diet and exercise".

Not content with his prestigious and profitable career as a
premier cardiac surgeon and department head, he has his own
TV show, numerous annoying ads on the web, appearances
at tux-required events, ad nauseam.  The vanity of this "doctor"
is enormous--does he ever take a moment for solitude and

But blame attaches to his many acolytes as well. People
who want an easy way out or are something for nothing
artists eagerly lap up this mass-communicated nonsense.
Memo to Americans: You couldn't/didn't put on the brakes,
ingestion-wise, when noticing you packed on an extra
five to ten pounds? THAT is the time to get serious,
not after 50 or 100 units of unwanted, unneeded excess

We are all our own worst enemies, ultimately, generally.
The "Wizard of Oz" can't help with that.


  1. Very well stated as usual Lady Amber.

    However we must look at the history of many of the GREEDY food and beverage manufacturers. In the eighteen hundreds I believe A PHYSICIAN invented a POPULAR cola drink. I also recall HE PUT COCAINE in the drink he sold at drug stores initially. WHY? TO ADDICT PEOPLE TO WANT MORE! There were many people that died That cola is still around today. Now FRUCTOSE and other additives are in food to HELP PEOPLE TO LUST AFTER IT, BUY IT! Make the MANUFACTURERE MOGULS even more money!

    MORE OF US NEED TO READ THE LABELS. The health and lives we save may be our own or those of some one we love and care for. I FEEL MANY THINGS are made to addict people to GET, BUY , WANT HA HAHAH LIST after it!! People of AMERICA that want to lets educate our selves to THE GAMES being played with our food, beverages, etc and with our lives NOW~

  2. Also Lady Amber.

    I feel people and animals HAVE LIVING SPIRITS. These spirits live on SOME WHERE heaven/ the new earth or hell forever.

    So along with SEX, SEDUCTION, CELEBRITIES, etc, Food manufacturers, So called diet , tv doctors, pill pushers, POPPA DOCS, ETC, I feel THERE ARE MANY of the fore mentioned, etc that ARE SATANIC, evil, OUT TO MAKE A BUCK no matter how or what! MANY I FEEL would not hesitate to use ocult, white black magic, etc TO SELL food diet pills etc.

    So yes WIZARDS is the right term ! One could also use CON MEN AND WOMEN! WITCHES, WARLOCKS, SATANISTS, ETC! We WHO ARE BELIEVERS IN GOD, CHRIST, THE BIBLE OF GOD, THE HOLY SPIRIT, would probably be shocked to see or know what many IN HIGH corporate make a BIG BUCK AMERICA is doing behind closed doors. MANY MAY EVEN BE MAKING DEALS with the devil etc!!!