Monday, June 9, 2014

Time Travel Back to the Wild West All Too Real Right Now

Winter worries over the several Polar Vortexes have
given way to Summer Shooting Anxiety, public places'
random murders by gun.  The latest, in Las Vegas,
shows how pointlessly, painfully insane such tragedies
truly are--two anti-government extremists, a male and
female, shot two policemen, were shot themselves
and she killed someone else. Could this violence bring
down the government they stated they so hated?
--Hell no.

There are too many guns, too many nuts, and too
many gun nuts residing in the USA. Time to bring
back more sane mental health facilities while issuing
a clarification of the federal constitution's Second
Amendment, a Founders' statement few understand,
apparently. The simultaneous success of these two
suggestions could calm to a simmer Summer
wacked-out Wild West weirdness...

But banking on it is idealism traveling to a bridge
too far to find.


  1. My 93 year old cousin is here for he and his twin brother;s birth day celebration. He lives in a Vegas suburb. He went out there over 20 t years ago for peace, warmth, Better cost of living etc, after he and his wife retired. He has some adult children also make their home their. Before DAD died he , my self other kin seriously considered the Vegas move.

    What a difference time makes. Now hell is there too. I once considered carrying a gun if conceal carry passed. Now tht it has I think not..

    I was listening to gunsmoke the radio show on late night radio last week. Yes you and several( ESPECIALLY 3 kins wome pf mine) are so right, THESE ARE LIKE THE WILD WEST DAYS AND GETTING WORSE! GOD help us!

    Be safe. Enjoy the joy one can find in these times Lady Amber..OOOOOOOOOOOO;s!!!!

  2. Tragically, a fifth person lost his life because he made the split-second decision to confront the gunman on his own. Joseph Robert Wilcox, who was licensed to carry a concealed weapon, attempted to confront Jerad Miller, unaware that his wife Amanda wgas also armed. She shot him in the back at close range before he could pull the trigger.

    Many so-called Good Guys With Guns may have the best of intentions, but such intentions can easily go awry. A sworn officer with formal training probably wouldn't have acted so rashly. (Jerad Miller, at that moment, scary as it was, was not posing an immediate threat. He had fired one shot into the air inside a Wal-Mart and had ordered everyone to get out).