Saturday, September 27, 2014

Our Open Sewer, the World Wide Web

It doesn't seem merely coincidental  that Yahoo Mail and
Gmail are both currently experiencing password problems
of major proportions, along with the latest large franchisor
hack of  fast food Jimmy John's customer cards (06/'14-09/'14).
We must realize all the major email providers are linked,
especially Google and Yahoo. The www. is an open sewer
which will never be completely controlled until a major technical
paradigm shift occurs. Few know just how fiendishly difficult
this is, which explains why tech providers mostly issue small
changes, apps, patches, packaging, links and updates,
rather than real revolutions.

(This sad scenario reminds me of STDs--you and your sex
partner are not only enjoying a private, intimate moment, but
are including everyone else you both have had sex with,
biological transmission-wise...ugh.  Here's to
compartmentalization, whenever/wherever possible.)

Compartmentalization could really help those of us using
the web right now; employing encryption is great, where 
rigorously instituted, but it's not perfect security either.
Desperation proposes practicing old, mundane

(1) Bring back snail mail
(2) Use cameras, not cell photography
(3) Use traditional landline phones, not VOIP
       at home
(4) Find an old-fashioned fax that does not
       record/store photo copies of transmissions

There are probably many "old school" ways to
reduce your web-enabled annoyances in your
private life--but then there's the web-wired
work place, public places...ugh, again. (-!)

Unintended consequences rear their ugly
hydra-headed tentacles yet again.

[Update, September 30, 2014: The latest
hack involves Albertson-owned food
giant Jewel-Osco. It is now becoming
so routine, the lack of hack-denying
encryption by big organizations must
now be termed "willful stupidity", all to
fatten the corporate bottom line, natch.]

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  1. Very good advice and right on Amber. I know how to and do lots of stuff OLD SCHOOL. Many falsely believe THE COMMANDER!is all tech. NO. All what you suggest I have and wikk continue to do. I have an OLD SCHOOL pay as you go cell phone.

    I know my carrier and many at what is left of our BEDFORD FALLS SMALLTOWN VILLE post office.I talk and listen to people communicate. I am I guess a rebel in many peoples eyes. Fine with me. TOO much tech will make us all slaves and kill what little privacy we have.Privacy may become a crime I fear soon.The British cult series broad cast on pbs stations back in the nineteen seventies calleda BLAKE,S 7I feel is becoming more each day our world reality.Oh Amber look up THE NEW WORLD ORDER. Dr Pat Robertson wrote a book in the nineteen eighties of the same name that explaines THE NEW WORLD ORDER I feelwe are under now. CONTROL, MODERN day technical, economic, etc SLAVERY tactics, etc. Thanks for breaking it down again. Lets, live , love, and learn but be watchful. The events of the last few days well you get my meaning I am sure. God bless and GOD help us.