Wednesday, November 5, 2014

2014's Republican Rout: Now It's About Accountability

We WILL be looking at the party in power to abandon the
politics of "no", simply opposing the Democratic president, as
the mantle of responsibility now rests squarely on them. OK,
Republicans, you have the ball. What are you planning to DO
with it??

In Illinois, Governor-Elect Rauner has vowed to "Shake up
Springfield", whatever THAT that a prescription
for problem-solving here?  In DC, now that Mitch McConnell
leads the Senate, will he actually do his job, stop simply blocking
the president?  Soooo many questions, so few good answers.

The middle class and the poor are the real losers here; even
though they are the majority numerically, Tuesday's Republican
Rise is very bad news for them. Did voters decide to hitch their
wagons to a star, figuring the conservative rich really have the
answers to their problems and the country's woes?  I think not:
I see more bone-headed decisions like Citizens United in our
future. The "greater good" is not a radical conservative mantra;
"More for me and mine" IS.

The Republicans have a slim two years to prove they are
able, willing to work for all of  us, rather than their friends
in the 1%.  I don't see this happy outcome, however...
but we will be watching--now it's about accountability,
and results. 


  1. Well stateed Amber as usual.

    Let me the commander! just state this.We were once republican ruled in ILL INOIS. Now we are again.

    What one thing unites a tabby cat, a tiger, A lion, and a cheetah ? THE ARE ALL IN THE CAT FAMILY...

    What makes world , county,, local etc Politicians have a deep common bond? They are all politicians and have a common cause, bond etc. Some can be good no matter what their party. Lets hope that is the case with the current bunch but I AM NOT holding my breath!! Some things put into motion will not stop no matter who is in what office I am discovering more each day.

    No matter what live, love,, learnand as much as possible enjoy our lives!!!

  2. Turning purple by holding our collective breath will earn a great bundle of grief. Nah, I wouldn't expect the Repubs to change, despite Mitch's acceptance speech happy-talk.

    Assuming that the Dems can get their act together between now and 2016, they should be able to hang on to the White House and retake the Senate. The House districts are so obscenely gerrymandered that it'll probably remain majority Repub until at least 2022.

    Getting Dem governors and state legislators elected in 2018 is absolutely vital. Otherwise the GOP will get to redraw the districts again after the 2020 census.

  3. You know. Dan Lady Sorry Amber.

    Politicians are in the excuse me I must use what I consider to be a bad word as many use it agaunst people often I feel MINORITY. Pols are a MINORITY GROUP! A very POWERFUL ONE! Because we the common LITTLE people that if even one fourth of us could get together could be BIG PEOPLE and DEMAND things be done right and fair!

    BOG POLITICIANS especially have great pensions, benefits, CLOUT, favors, etc THE TAIL should not wag the dog!Well many families People in apartment or condo buildings can not nor CHOOSE to even try to get together on much. So the BIG BOYZZZZZZZZ AND GIRLS I MEAN GURLLLLLLLLZ will keep one using us like slaves for a long time to come.

    Oh, NEWS FLASH! We have had term limits all this time. For ever. It is called DO NOT PUT THE BUMS IN THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE . Do not vote for the BUMS and keep putting them in office no matter who they are, their sex, color, planet of origin , etc.