Monday, November 24, 2014

Injustice in Ferguson Not Relieved by a Good Grand Jury Decision

As the prosecuting attorney droned on in an attempt
to qualify (-spin) the skate-off awarded to Officer
Wilson by the Grand Jury, I realized the man
would not be charged. There was no reason not to
get immediately to the point other than to set up
the "rationale" for this ill-advised decision.

Even the devising of the Grand Jury itself was not
balanced: of the 12, only THREE were African
American. If they didn't actually agree with
the others' "no probable cause" sentiment,
what influence could they have had? It took
nine of the 12 to craft the outcome, so you
do the math. Ferguson is 67% black; how
does that translate into only three African-
Americans sitting on the Grand Jury?

I am disgusted and disheartened. With the
sharp decline in the intellectual ability of
most in key positions, married to the lack
of a vigorous electorate there in Ferguson,
the events since August were almost
preordained. I hope this is a wake-up
call to voters there; more blacks on the
local council and the police department
just might produce more reasonable,
equitable policies and practices...

But 'til then, this Grand Jury decision will stand
as another example of status-quo injustice.


  1. When we observe on a secondly basis all the evil, injustices that are committed against human beings by human beings every day it is really no surprise I feel to see it on a GRAND scale.

    I have relatives and friends former feminine friends, etc in the Injustice system WORKERS not criminals. It is sad and shocking what they tell me Amber.

    I will close by saying this. Like the WORD of GOD says ( TO LIVE BY THE SWORD IS TO DIE BY THE SWORD.) Violence begets violence.Remnants of the sixties riots after DR King,s murder are still around us in some way in every city. Even on youtube. THE SPIRIT in many people now. You I WE can not reason with them. GOD HELP US!!

  2. I have to agree that the verdict was preordained. It's apparently to have been expected with a grand jury proceeding. The prosecutor had all the cards. And, as you implied, a unanimous decision isn't required.

    On the positive side: I was eyeballing MSNBC off and on for the four hours following the verdict. It seemed pretty apparent that the vast majority of demonstrators was peaceful. It only requires a small number to set fires and loot. The miscreants probably weren't even area residents. Speaking of which, the good people of Ferguson came out in great numbers to aid stricken store owners in their clean-up effort.

    1. Right on Dan. Most people there were not in the craziness. Most were I feel were sickened and sadedned by it all. Like in the M LK riots back in the day. Then whencameras came it seemed to heat up.

      Who knows where some of those protesters came from. Why they were there? Who or what organization sent them?