Thursday, February 5, 2015

Neil Steinberg of The Chicago Sun-Times: My Amusing Nietzsche of the Moment

In the early seventies I discovered Philosopher Nietzche, whom
I read avidly back then, The Will to Power, other works of his.
On one page would be many sentiments I shared with him;
then turning the page, I'd react with horror. This continued
over an entire book. (-!)

Mr. Steinberg is an opinion writer for The Chicago Sun-Times.
He has written at least one book, appeared on radio and TV.
Yesterday's piece (02/04/2015) "Arguments against
vaccinations all wet" reminded me of my former "Nietzsche"
yes/no, yes/no reactions:

(1) Yes to the notion that extremes of Left/Right are
equally untested by logic, reality and experience,
therefore, bound to be wrong.

(2)  No to the critique of parental choice re: vaccines.
But I insert a significant caveat: Parents must do due
diligence by checking reputable websites, not Aunt
Sally's  Medical Corner. The Mayo Clinic, the CDC,
Pub Med and Elsevier are good places to start.

I have yet to discover any reputable chemical/biological
information that states some (or any) forms of Mercury
are actually non-toxic. Dental composites? Oh, just a
little Mercury...and vaccinations have employed
Mercury as a  preservative. Newer formulations
have almost NO Mercury, whatever the compound.
This is from the FDA's website.-Neil, ya gotta keep up!

(3) Yes to his statements about American society
being shredded, the ignoring of history at our peril,
Conservatives fearing science, etc. Yes to Mr.
Steinberg's stinging critique, Politicians are Evil, as
some undoubtedly are, especially those in or supportive
of/by the Tea Party; " Rebels Without a Cause" should
be their true name, as they have little in common with
our VERY EDUCATED Founders, stealing what the
partiers consider a down-home moral imperative
from the original, the Boston Tea Party.

(4) No to Neil's statement about "...ignoring that
women dying during delivery was a big part of
nature's plan." (Really? Are you a closet social

Mr. Steinberg does have an interesting, striking,
even educated, way with words...which makes
him all the more dangerous when fiddling with
facts, to say little about sparing people's wishing
to survive.


  1. I have read this writer;s column. I totally agree with your statements Amber.

    Regarding vaccines I have several relatives, current and former feminine friends in the medical profession in various capacities. I find their views interesting. Ironic how many of them DONOT get various vaccines. They also have stated to me we all should have the choice to say yes or no to getting same. Parents should have the final say on if their kids should get the shots or not many have stated to me in the past.

    A female pediatrician well, she had many interesting , informative things she told me. SHE TAUGHT ME MANY THINGS.

    Have a great day.

  2. World Health Organization data show that several African nations have a higher rate of measles vaccination than the US of A. In Kenya, it's 94%, Tanzania 99%. On this side of the pond it's a piddlin' 91%. Why so? In the various African nations, there's an acute awareness of recent history; they know how measles can devastate their communities. Here in the US, there are too many ignorant and self-centered doofuses who don't give a damn about having any sense of community. It's all about INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, by crackey!

    1. I understand and even agree with your comments, Dan, but still, there is no safe compound of Mercury, a heavy metal neurotoxin, so having an alternative to Mercury as a vaccine preservative is a good thing, and it has begun to happen.+

    2. All three of you men, Neil, Dan and Lester, missed concern over Neil's blithe assurance that it's perfectly ok for women to die in childbirth...really? Who takes care of the surviving baby, eh?--Hmmph!

  3. Human beings need to treat all human beings better. Women deserve much better treatment on every level of life than they get now.