Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Presidential Candidate Sen. Ted Cruz and The Way Back Wing of the Texas Polity

The Way Back Wing of the Texas Polity is ignorant and
strident, yet politically vigorous enough to get  Senator
Ted Cruz to DC with his hideously inappropriate desire for
higher office. It is shocking indeed to do some checking
and find he has actually argued cases before the Supreme
Court. (-!) He, however, has not studied the United States
Constitution itself, or the Federalist Papers, or a very telling
essay by Founding Father and chief constitution author,
Former President James Madison; had "TC" (Cruz) done
so, he would not have bothered to try to renounce his
Canadian citizenship (where he was "natural  born")
in favor of his American citizenship.

If Cruz WAS up on his American History, most
significantly, between 1783 and 1787, he would
know dual citizenship is no bar to a U.S. presidency
(unless the second country is declared an enemy state
by our State Department). A "natural born" citizen of the
U.S. who has additionally acquired a French citizenship is,
under certain circumstances, allowed to hold the office of
U.S. president, for example. The constitution doesn't
stipulate any consideration as to where either parent was
born, ONLY the person who dreams of attaining
that highest of our offices. (--WAIT--he IS qualified to
lead Canada as Prime Minister...go bother THEM, TED!)
To understand Ted's problem, see Article II, Section 1,
Paragraph Five of the U.S. Constitution.

But this dopey denizen of Texas, who represents
the way back wing of the Texas polity doesn't
care, or doesn't care to know, what the highest
law of our land in fact does stipulate, bar or
require. Since I do, I think I'd be a better attorney
than Ted, who well may have memorized many
case precedents with only the shallowest of

No matter what acts or judicial decisions have been
rendered since 1787, the federal constitution can
only be amended in two ways:

(a) by another runaway, open constitutional
convention, just like the one that established our
nation, or;
(b) by individually passed amendments, the only
way we have acquired any changes to our founding
document since 1787. The Naturalization Act of
1940  can confer citizenship upon an aspirant,
just not the "natural born citizen" category.
(My parents both legally qualified to become
citizens under that 1940 act, but they were
never eligible to become president--whereas
I am constitutionally allowed, born in NYC,
NY, USA.) Please see Article V, not the Fifth
Amendment, the U.S. Constitution.

There will be more errors revealed about
The Way Back Wing of the Texas Polity,
right here, soon....


  1. Well stated Amber. Well with all the republican candidates running soon they will be able to fill a stadium the size of the united canter.Is that the way back or WAY OUT party?

  2. It's reassuring to know that Ted Cruz will not ever take up residence in the White House. But when all is said and done, I believe that TC's voting record would not be appreciably different from that of most Repubs. (I still maintain that moderate Republicans in public office are nearly extinct.

    I do agree that TC's tactics often become too extreme even for many Repubs. The temporary government shutdown, which he spearheaded is a perfect example.