Tuesday, July 21, 2015

"Family" Values? Who Holds Them Here, Exactly? Not 37 Million Married, Apparently

In an era erratic enough to suppress surprise and shock, it was
nevertheless astounding to learn about the approximately 37
million married in the USA who want to cheat on their spouses,
according to the now-hacked site, Ashley Madison.  This is a
breathtaking, sobering statistic in view of our total population
of some 317 million, not all of whom are sexually active, many of
whom are in the too young or too old portion of the demographic.
Bear in mind that those who beat their breasts the loudest,
exclaiming the importance of family values, exhorting audiences
to live a wholesome life,  including now-disgraced pastors and
politicians, are adulterers, all too often.

The related websites, Ashley Madison, Cougar Life and
Established Men  are all under the umbrella of Canada's
Avid Life Media (--Sigh, if only most were "avid" to be
informed....). Our neighbors to the North are not much
more blemish-free than we are, I suspect, as I see,
recently toting up the various egregious doings there.
(--Yet their great expanse of land vs. their vastly smaller
population continues to sedulously appeal.)

Hypocrisy is the order of the day, today, tomorrow,
yesterday. Of course there are many faithful couples,
married happily here at home. But family values as
presented in churches and on media outlets, well...
who holds them, exactly? --Not those many millions
trolling for others to "hook up" with.

Kinsey, who blew the lid on America's sexual ways and
morays many decades ago, is, sadly, still right, even if he
too was later proven to be a satyr and a sex addict,
encouraging even his own female relatives to copulate
with any and all comers. (This included his wife and

When will this culture settle down and spend significant
time and effort on serious matters, focus less on how
sexy everyone is/is not, etc. ? I despair, knowing it won't
be anytime soon.

But thanks to the hackers, hypocrisy won't be going
down quite as easily as before.  This is a rare instance
where they have performed a valuable service. It
may not be pleasant, but it's important to see
just what and who is behind the curtain.


  1. Amber I was listening to a popular late night talk show. I had time today so I finished listening to the pod canst of the parts I missed. Of course I would have no reason to have ever have heard of this site I write blog, survey do them that is etc.

    I remember Dolly Madison that sells or used to sell cakes that sort of thing and sponsor the Charlie brown cartoons on tv back in the nine teen sixties.

    I heard the host Patti saying how from what whe read discovered the site was free for women and men had to pay. Many of the users were up et stated reports that A DELETE button that allegedly deleted credit card and personal information INCLUDING sex and fetish preferences did not work.

    Bottom line .I know lots of people married and single. I do find more marrieds today are dysfunctional, are in denial about many things, etc, etc, Too many things to mention. I am a bachelor and not really sorry to be any more. Single life though is not what it used to be I feel. I feel our nation and world are in a state of , well framkly LIKE SODOM AND GOMORAH! I feel our society will continue to break down morally. Get more perverted, kinky, sick, twisted, etc, etc! God help us!

    I have and do ffind and am a little shocked at well ( NO I DO NOT WANT NOR ASK FOR THIS EITHER.) MARRIED females WELL trying to GET NEXT TO ME, COME ON, TO ME, ETC, like Female gorillas presenting them selves! I see MARRIED MALES, DUDES as my brother calls them DOING SAME!

    Even when I was younnger ( I recently had a birth day I feel 19 I KNOW I AM NOT and do not act like nor want to be as I see many 19 years olds do. Even as a youth I was not a KINK, nor a degenerate. I am just very turned off by a lot of what I see socially , romantically in our times, Social media PLEASE. I feel many use social media as a modern day computerized, BOOTY CALL whore hous hook up, dope hook up etc. There are positive people on social media and good there .

    Love , marriage, Caring, romance, faithfulness, The future is so dim we all need high beam lights all the time.The twisted choiced many are making. WELL NOT ALL OF US are hitting the skids, NOT ME! NOT THE COMMANDER! GOD help us that want it! FOR EVERY ONE HAVE some one in your life that keep you accountable and be careful on and off line. I feel like the good book says ( IT IS BETTER TO MARRY THAN IT IS TO BURN!)

    1. Lester, as long as we try to be decent and kind, we will be on the right side of behavior. The hope is good triumphs over evil-- the good book promises that. Best Wishes to you and yours.