Monday, July 6, 2015

July 4th, 2015: Our Founding Fathers Would Be Ashamed About Our Society's Lack of Civility

No one, it seems, utters that now unusual word "please" when
placing orders for food, whether at McDonald's or Dunkin'
Donuts. Then there was the person who insulted the baked
goods, saying, "Those donuts are from this morning? They're
no good." I was ashamed of my fellow American, and
instantly decided to be especially kind and sensitive to
the staff and other customers. I asked three of them,
"Are you in a hurry?" When they nodded, I let all
three check out ahead of me, even though I had  ice
cream waiting.

What would our Founders make of our uncivil society
in 2015? Very likely they would be chagrined and
ashamed, especially George Washington, whose
manners, by all accounts, were without peer. If you
read books about any of our principal Founders,
read works written by them.  Ben Franklin, George
Washington, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton,
John Adams and others were products of the
Enlightenment, acted and wrote accordingly.
Of course they erred now and then--who hasn't?
But their commitment to higher standards for one's
own behavior clearly produced excellence in these
men--and gave us a country.

I look forward to a revolution in manners, civility,
humane treatment of others, and acting with no
malice of forethought. Will I see that day?--No,
I doubt it. but I have some hopes for/of the
younger ones.


  1. I hope the younger ones will be better Amber but I don;t know....

    God help us!

    SOME VERY FEW of us do or at least try to treat others with respect.

    In a time when many have a mob, thug, spirit, mentality, that manifests into a negative way of life for them and others.

  2. Yes. People in church sneering using obscenities under their breath. Pushing shoving each other. Rude drivers, pedestrians, bycyclists. People coming to work in our homes, not communicating with the owner, not following instructions, ,Nor what they ar supposed to, steeling!, doing as they please.

    Lids cursing or giving the BAD finger to their elders.WOW!

  3. Based on what I've witnessed, I find it hard to generalize about either individual or group behavior. Many of the 20-somethings I come in contact with are unfailingly polite --- even some of the teens.

    Still, I also recognize that there's an abundance of yahoos in our midst whose favorite gesture is the upraised third finger. Just have to tune them out, I guess.

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    1. Dan, Your comment was entered twice so I deleted the extra one. I have no problem generalizing--everyone isn't rude, but I have observed MANY to be. Yes, I meet many nice youngsters--as well as the hostile or zoned-out ones.

  5. I second all you just stated Amber. More I feel Rat nasty ones I notice even in Bedford falls here.

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