Monday, July 13, 2015

Unconditional Love: Wishing Won't Make it So

I've grown weary of all the untutored, online woman-to woman
exhortations about self-love, unconditional love, ad nauseam,
ad libidinum, etc.  In particular,  teaching people to love
themselves unconditionally is a really bad idea; I'm certain
criminals, the always entitled, gigolos and gold diggers think
they deserve all the riches life and other people can afford them
without their having to produce anything of value themselves.

OF COURSE there must be conditions and expectations,
except if one is helpless, very young or very old. All the
rest of us must pull our weight, one way or another. We
really must be decent to each other, not make messes for
others, not lie, cheat, kill, etc. ...or else what are the Ten
Commandments all about, those rules that all of Western
"Civilization" is based on?? That same "civilization" imitated
eagerly, shamelessly all around the world? (-Even while
juxtaposing Western economics to antithetical political

My ire increased, waxed, watching a young single
mother pole dancing with her infant secured to her
body in an online video today. What is she trying to
 prove? --That she's sexy? The accompanying article
claims she is demonstrating unconditional self love,
that  mothers can be sexy.--Yow!

I DO have conditions for myself AND others,
you bet. I DO possess a healthy conscience
and a sense of guilt, shame and remorse, and
attempt to make amends when I have erred.
Arrogantly as well, I strongly suggest the rest
of the planet better acquire such strictures
against bringing harm to others or we will
not last, period.

Sure, we all yearn to love ourselves and others.
But respect, admiration, fondness must be
earned, can't be realistically, automatically
handed out...

Unconditional love: wishing won't make
it so.

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  1. My two favorite G words GIGALOS!, GOLD DIGGERS! Oh my! Amber you said it all. I do not know what alse to add to THIS TOTAL TRUTH on our current situation today.

    I do feel many think, They can in every way,Mentally, physically, socially, sexually, etc, in all ways treat human beings like dirt. Then have that peron look them in the eyes and say OOOOOOOOOOOOOO! BABY, I LOVE YOU ! I think not!

    Self gratification, GETTING OVER they called it in the nineteen seventies. Often more these days glad I am a bachelor.