Friday, February 5, 2016

David Brooks, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders: an Error-Prone Three for Three

Feb. 5, 2016: Tonight, on PBS' News Hour with David Brooks
and Mark Shields,'ol Brooksie did it again: in analyzing last night's
occasionally bitter exchanges between Hillary and Bernie, he
stated that Wall Street was not particularly "the Bogey Man"
even after all we know about the causes of the Great
Recession of 2007-and counting (--we haven't fully recovered,
my observation).  --What?? Why did the University of Chicago
confer its baccalaureate upon this less-than rigorous "thinker"?
Brooks talked about technology and other factors which still exist,
yet we are not quite as bad off as we were, 2007-2010. --Hmmn.

Former First Lady-Senator-Sec'y. of State Clinton
still doesn't seem to possess the gravitas and  personality
one might expect from such a "distinguished" resume'.
She famously faltered when she answered Bernie's
charge re: being paid hundreds of thousands by Wall Street
and other venues for her speeches..."That's what they offered",
with a nonchalant shrug. Was her demeanor demonstrating
an attempt to mimic water rolling off a duck's back? No sale,

But Bill's Hill did enlighten us, sadly, with her own
accusation, in my book, a fair one--Bernie Sanders
voted for an act in 2002 which allowed the creation
of Credit Default Swaps, one of several exotic
financial instruments which were part and parcel of
the Great Recession. Bill's Hill neatly side-stepped
recalling the intrinsic role played by President Bill
Clinton, the Southern Good 'Ol Boy (D) who happily
signed into law an act destroying Glass-Steagall,
alongside victoriously, benignly beaming Phil Gramm,
another Good 'Ol  Boy (R) from the South, this in 1999,
the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. The next few years ushered
in the hedge fund unregulated irregularities, the CDOs and
the "swaps", which gave us the bubble which had to burst.

--My conclusions?

(1) David Brooks is still the ass I have pegged him as,
when, ignoring Article II, he characterized Ted Cruz
as a "formidable candidate" back in 2014. ( Since Brooks
is also Canadian-born, I understand his supporting Cruz's
right to run.) Why PBS and the New York Times both pay
him to opine utterly escapes  me, however.
(2) I can't in good or rational conscience vote for
Hillary or Bernie in 2016...of course, a resounding  NO
to Carson, Cruz, Rubio and Trump as well.  It's Christie,
Kasich or Bush;  I might just write my own damn name in
the appropriate line on my paper ballot.

David, Hillary and Bernie: three for three, all error-prone
and not in the least deserving of their prominence on the
U.S. stage.


  1. Amber

    ell stated!

    Yes Mr D Brooks is a HEE HOAW!

    It looks like it could be coming down to Senator Clinton and Bernie Sanders. On the OTHER SIDE D Trump and Marco Rubio.

    The pickins are really slim I feel..If one looks into the past political History of Senator Clinton, Lots of smoking guns. As I recall President Clinton and Mrs Clinton had lots of smoking guns back in the days in the white house. Where there is smoke there is fire I feel. President Clinton recently apologized for passing laws that seem to have made it easier for black people to be arrested Mrs Clinton stated( Well It was the right law or lawsfor the right time..) I know lots about Mr Trumps BUSINESS, BID NESS record..There have been many complaints and worse regarding his real estate instruction/investment, etc things.

    Picikins slim as I said. Have a great week end every one..

  2. I had to correct two errors here, tsk!

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  4. Despite a few warts, I'm still partial to Bernie. I have greater reservations about Hillary Clinton, but would still support her if she's nominated --- which I believe is likely.

    Among the Repubs, look out for John Kasich! He did well in New Hampshire, and is the only GOP guy who appears to be a grownup, at least in contrast to the rest of the field.

    But regarding the issues, he's just as far to the right as the rest of the "establishment Republicans", except on access to health care, which he believes is "a god-given right".

    In the realm of foreign policy, I think he's dangerous. Frankly, that's why I find him scary. Like I said, look out for Johnny K!