Thursday, April 21, 2016

--Hurray! Heroine Harriet Tubmann Gets Her Overdue Symbolic View

--On the soon to be issued new $20 bill. This is one of those
rare times when policy proves perfect--at least, in my opinion:

(1) She will be on one of  the most used currency denominations
we have, when you think about ATM withdrawals, etc.

(2) Alexander Hamilton, one of our key Founding Fathers,
is left alone to reign over the $10 bill. --Here's to Hamilton
as well!

(3) BUT MOST OF ALL, the U.S. president I have hated
most continuously, murderously racist Andrew Jackson, will
be gone...whew! I did not expect this happy happenstance to
occur in my lifetime, but here it IS.

Harriet Tubman was indeed a true hero; she follows the
definition of risking her life for others many times over.
The clarion call for acknowledging her in this way finally
reached those that matter, those who would be able to
make momentous decisions/policy changes.

My other personal currency and history hero, Alexander
Hamilton, was an actual hero as well, facing death many
times to help Washington wrest us from the British; later,
as a Founding Father, Hamilton (along with others) created
an actual nation with his contributions to our U.S. Constitution,
the Federalist Papers, and as Treasury Secretary.

Here's to heroes, then: Tubman and Hamilton, both of whom
made our country great...hip, hip, hooray!


  1. Yes Amber ( Sincce we are mentioning many women hero,s here I am tempted to say LADY Amber.)They deserve honor and respect.

    I wonder if they will get it? Remember the Susan B Anthony dollar? Younger readers Look her up No she was not a famous tennis player nor did she have a court show on tv.

    Why do men dead presidents pictures still need to be on the money ? By the time the change over is due to occur will America be on a digital form of money ( I E BIT COIN )? I can not help wondering will the MARK of the beast as is mentioned in the bible be totally exposed by then?

    In many ways it may not matter since MONEY IS NO PROBLEM to more of us in our nation and world! WE HAVE LES OF IT AND IT DOES NOT GO AS FAR AS IT USED TO decades ago as we all know.

    If we look at all the wonderful hero s in America. OF BOTH SEXES AND OF ALL RACES, IN OUR RECENT AND DISTANT PAST MANY need to be GIVEN the exposure and credit due them for their contributions and sacrifices, NOT JUST FAMOUS DEAD OR LIVING WHITE MEN.

    Many things in our world are not what they should and could with effort from more of us I feel. Have a great day every one...

  2. Oh. One more thing.

    Our paper money looks more like MONOPOLY money . It seems this trend will continue. It soon may be worth less then monopoly money. However WE KNOW will HONOR our famous female heros by placing their pictures on the front of said money?