Monday, April 18, 2016

Memo to the 50 States--STAY IN YOUR LANE

Arrggh, here we go again; democracy is indeed messy,
even when what we actually have is a republic. Our
president is trying to be humane AND, attempting
to be logical as well, he is busy crafting laws that
would trump the Donald's irrational wish to deport
~11 million undocumented workers. Mr. Obama's
plan seems to be simple: let them stay, get workers'
visas. This would allow immigrants to be traceable,
just like the rest of us are ( via Social Security), yet
avoid the incredible expense removal requires
(which we have no funds for) and a  massive,
logistical, strategic nightmare.

Boy, would I ever love to discover the chest
of drawers Donald Trump keeps his magic
wand in...because only a supernatural source
could effect his idiotic, xenophobic "plan".
Ditto for "the Wall" and the "Hairy Whaaat's"
confidence he could force Mexico to pay for
it. --Yow! We are still benefiting from our
two coasts and two friendly neighbors--why
would we risk ruining that?

Meanwhile, several states governed by below
the waist motivations are also urging reactionary
support for these impractical (insane) ideas.
Memo to you states' rights enthusiasts:
Y'all should summarily be thrown out of
office if for no other reason than  you have no
knowledge of or respect for the U.S. Constitution,
putatively the highest law of our land. Governors
and state senators do NOT overrule a president--
consult the document...

(Y'all are embarrassing me and any other
smart person; bank on it, which will inspire
us to act against you--IN NOVEMBER
when we vote. Before then we DO possess
our powers of persuasion.)


  1. Well stated again as usual Amber.

    Argh!That can describe how much in our world makes one feel,or the sounds one hears all day or night coming from various Bedford falls homes and probably all over in our sexed up society..

    I feel this way. If people are already in America no matter how they got here or why they are here,if they are not criminals , nor dangerous let them stay, work, live, love, etc. I would hate if the people of BEDFORD FALLS here would say ( Hey send that Commander! and that young gal Amber back to Chicago! ) That would be horrible and cause chest pains in ones legs! Many of us at one time or another have been sort of like imegrants.

    I often find in these times I we need to tell people, Hey stay in your lane.

    Happy spring! Finally. A M A P have a great day every one! Another day another hopefully better day!

  2. Just one more thing. Amber. If we were to look at the contents of the DRESSER DRAWERS and or closets of NEW WORLD ORDER,( SAME OLD DISORDER, ETC) ELITE ones like Mr TRUMPwe would be shocked I am sure what we would discover...