Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Panama Papers, Eh? Where are American Names? Share the Shame

Dear Teddy Roosevelt, you had no idea about ugly, unintended
consequences when you opened passage from one ocean to
the next with the Panama Canal project. Now a massive,
money laundering or hiding or obfuscating reality has been
exposed, revealing the greed, sense of entitlement that too
many of the powerful, the famous, the athletically talented
possess--and act on. Many nations' top people are implicated;
one head of state, the president of Iceland, has resigned,
supposedly temporarily. Imagine a head of state so
unsupportive of his/her country's good that he/she is
quite unwilling to pay taxes to benefit the very nation
which catapulted said head to fame, fortune and power.

My chief interest is here at home, naturally. This scandal,
reported worldwide days ago, has yet to release/reveal
any American why is that? One news report
blames the lack of U.S. participants in the scandalous
scheme on the huge amount of material  to examine.
I don't buy it--so many other names and nations have
already been published. --Where are ours? The veils
over the evils of homeland humanity, effective so far, will be
whisked away soon, bank on it.

We won't be exempt from this sadly revelatory embarrassment;
why should we be? --Exceptional, my foot. When a country
can't even understand or honor the one entity that might
MAKE it exceptional, the U.S. Constitution,  allowing Sen.
Ted Cruz (Canadian born) to get so far in his presidential quest,
violating the key stipulation of Article II, Section 1, Paragraph
Five, THAT is a serious situation indeed. It is indicative of
ignorance married to an uncaring chauvinism buoyed by
belligerence and a needy, whining disappointment brought
about by an arrantly arrogant salesmanship selling "you can
be anything, do anything you want" to a population of dreamers.

When people here finally find out they will not be the next
rich CEO, the next beauty queen/movie star, senator,
president, astronaut or athlete, many won't take it lightly.
Casting about for a scapegoat/problem-solver, promptly
enough,--voila! "The government is to blame, but we can
fix everything (and ourselves) by electing someone who
promises everything, even the impossible." Can we not get
real, is it even possible at this late date?

Where are American names in the Panama Papers? We
belong on the wall of shame, surely, along with already
outed others. Share the shame, share the blame; now
THERE might be a democratic turn I could be proud of.

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  1. Here , Here! I SECOND all you said Amber.

    Be they Americans, foreigners, From mars, etc, EXPOSE THEM, NOW! Name names, NAME COMPANIES! NOW! People will probably get chest pains in their legs when names, companies, financial numbers are exposed regarding these EH PAPERS.....