Monday, July 18, 2016

November 2016: Will We Get There With Some Semblance of Order?

Judging by the past few months, with mind-numbing acts
of folly, violent vendettas, and race-motivated murders, we
won't/don't/can't possess the required gravitas, intelligence and
knowledge to gracefully, morally and legally segue into a
civilized country, one with differences which can be discussed
rationally rather than with insults, threats, shouts and physical
attacks at times leading to deaths.

Again, for the hundredth time: I am ashamed to be a human
being in this era. The lawlessness, meanness, ignorance,
arrogance, lying and denying are destroying lives here at home
and around the globe. Today's opening salvo at the 2016
Republican Convention in Cleveland had the anti-Trump
forces defeated by a Southerner presiding over floor votes
to authorize a roll call, totals for and against toted up
casually, probably not accurately; many delegates walked out.

Oh, Newt Gingrich will stay the course, his hunger for
lasting fame and his ambitions never die, others of his
stripe too. I wish Gov. Kasich had attended, but he
served 18 years in the U.S. Congress, so he must have
calculated his voice could not be heard or heeded
during this pathetic, embarrassing scenario. I found him
to be the only republican candidate with the necessary
breadth of bipartisanship and experience to serve as
our president, but that ship, regrettably, has sailed.
Still, I'll likely write his name in on the November ballot.

"Remember in November"? Neither Donald nor Hillary
are my candidates, for reasons I have posted previously
on this blog and elsewhere. Being merely rich doesn't do it;
being merely experienced doesn't do it; intelligence,
character, judgement, morality, compassion and strength
could do it, but I do not see these attributes coming down
the presidential pike anytime soon.

Will Summer explode in many-faceted tensions and
disorders? It already has; wonder what Fall and Winter
will bring. If only we can arrive at the General Election
with some semblance of order, I, along with many, will
be able to relax and rejoice.


  1. Well and totally accurately stated as usual Amber. I second all you stated.Hopefully we will not be put under martial law..

  2. I am afraid that the ELITE , that are pushing various groups to fight against each other in our society ( Along with those on drugs, alcohol, etc etc) With increase the evil, violence, and disorder pushing us closer to something horrible in Americaa...