Friday, July 8, 2016

The USA in 2016: A Shame and a Sham

Everyone now knows what a sad shame our nation
has become, with all the white cop on black male
executions, and just last night in Dallas, sniper rifle
revenge killing five Dallas Police Officers,
wounding others...

But a sham? Yes, a sham. We tout ourselves as
as City on a Hill, orderly, prosperous, advanced,
a beacon of hope to millions around the world.
Yet, the world can plainly see that we are no
City on a Hill, that prosperity, justice and even
life is denied to many, and as to order, well,
WHERE is it??

I see an incipient race war fulminating, one
currently carried out in serial fashion, but war
it is nevertheless. Denial will only exacerbate
the conditions causing our very complex
national human relations dilemma. Doing
what we've always done, leaning heavily
on "tradition", is one of the grave signal
errors of this scenario, a torn tapestry
which should be discarded and woven anew.

A  federal think-tank task force must be
quickly created to erect new, effective
policy guidelines for admitting applicants
to our police departments, with extensive
background checks dating back to high
school, with new psychological screening
tests and better, more intensive role-play
training. Ignoring imperatives along these
lines insures more and escalating tragedies
of every stripe, new ones like the Dallas
sniper incident our future, I fear.

Stop bragging about how great our country
is or was, and 86 the term, "exceptional".
We are merely humans here, heir to every
frailty and flaw ever known to plague
mankind throughout history. Getting down
to brass tacks, rolling up our sleeves and
doing the serious work required to restore
trust and order is the only way out of our
national turmoil and disgrace.

Meanwhile, the USA in 2016 remains
a shame and a sham.


  1. Yes Mam. Well stated Amber.

    It is also so sad how many of MY people, BLACK people are not united in a positive way to cause positive change. Many of my MY PEOPLE do not trust or respect one another. Another reason why others disrespect, hurt, kill us I feel.I PRAY soon a police state MARTIAL LAW is not created in America.

    No disrespect mean to law enforcement. I know many in law enforcement that have worked in it for decades. Many near retirement. There was a time if some one wanted to work for a police force they were trained by the town , city,etc , where they applied. Now many departments I understand send police cadetes off to a training facility elsewhere. I believe some time may be spent in training in ares far from where they will be working. Also for many reasons to lengthy to go into here police( For that mater FIRE,, TEACHERS, many others in a town or city) LIVE FAR from where they work.I can not help but wonder if any or all of this is helping to cause attitude issues, etc? I DO FEEL A VIOLENT murderous spirit IN OUR WORLD. What is frightening this spirit is not just with criminals. It is even in our neighborhood, homes, who knows how much of this spirit ,mentality is in various areas of the law. I know MANY LADIES that work in VARIOUS COURT systems across the USA.The stories TRUE that they tell me, MY GOD! GOD help us! Well another point. WE ARE BY THE SECOND BECOMING AN IMMORAL GOD LESS NATION I FEEL!

  2. One more thing Amber. I hope more people do not as they say WANT TO THROW THE BABY OUT WITH THE BATHWATER! Most police I feel are good officers and good people. There I feel are many IN THE ELITE that want to TURN US AGAINST one another totally , THEN THE ELITE FORCES can and will come in and TOTALLY CONQUER AND MAY be even destroy as many of us as possible I fear.

    DIVIDE and conquer..