Monday, July 25, 2016

Your Nation Needs You: Now Is the Hour--Register to Vote if You Don't Own a Current Voter's Card

After the Antics in Clevland:  Since we heard Donald Trump make
promises he cannot legally or logistically keep, it is more urgent
than ever to have all adult citizens of this fractured land registered
to vote. The polls (some of which, like Quinnipiac, are not accurate
due to missing the young with cell service only) show Trump and
Clinton in a dead heat; some days, one is a bit ahead of the other.

It is a disgusting disgrace and an embarrassment that we are
offered these two as our most successful candidates to lead this
large country; other, less flawed contenders were shouted down
or dismissed. This is a dangerous, chaotic era we find ourselves
in, requiring a truly talented, moral, experienced leader  who is
comfortable and conversant with the levers of power and
process. Mrs. Clinton does have ample requisite experience,
but plainly proves she is deficient in ethics/morality, with her
private server in her home conducting the U.S. State Department's
business, subsequently deleting thousands of her emails--but not
before some of them (well over 100) were released, showing
her disregard for legal process and security. As an attorney she
should clearly know and do better.

Right now there should be serious voter registration drives
all across America, as close to 100% of all eligible to vote
registered before November. Let's be adult about it:

Your nation needs you now, this is the hour--
Register to vote!

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  1. Yes Mam! Well stated! Passing on this positive suggestion!