Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Chicago, August 2016: Shootings and Killings off the Charts, Hopes Still Float

...going back to 1997. The local papers, Tribune and Sun-Times,
differed widely on the numbers: The Chicago Tribune quoted
some 60 died in Chicago shootings, whereas the Chicago
Sun-Times claimed about 49. All sources I've checked say
this is the bloodiest month since 1997.

But hopes still float, to recur back to 2008 and the first
Obama for President campaign. Lori Lightfoot, a heavy
weight attorney at Mayer Brown and head of the Chicago
Police Board said on PBS Channel 11's "Chicago Tonight"
she believes Chicago's City Hall (--Emanuel) does care
about the woes wending their way through communities of
color. Activist Pastor Jedidiah Brown, appearing with her,
respectfully disagreed. (--However, I don't support the rev's
acting out this past March when he threw punches at an
attendee during a Chicago rally for Trump.)

I back the Pastor's view: if the city as a whole cared more
about the South and West Sides, we would see more and
better efforts emanating out of the  Mayor's office. A few
appearances after tragedies and "heartfelt" remarks in front
of the press don't do it for me. Results count; the rest are
excuses, drivel, and obfuscation.

Any solution is complicated, must occur on many levels:

--Bring back CAPS (Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy)
to ALL CPD Districts, as only about half still hold Beat
Meetings where police directly interact with locals;
--More police deployed to known hot spots and troubled
areas, particularly on foot;
--More libraries and parks for the young in such areas;
--More official (and helpful) interaction with parents,
especially with those known to be troubled and IN

Then there are the parents, teachers and neighbors:

You all must do your part as well. I am not certain
you actually ARE, being distracted by money and
relationship problems. The kids must come first!

Meanwhile, the November 2016 Election's
"unique" hijinks roll ever forward, to the
detriment of ALL...

But I too will float some hopes.

P.S.: As of September 1st, today, NBC TV
local Channel Five quoted 90 homicides
this past August...how horrifying! Even though
I've lived west of Chicago for eight years, I
care a great deal about Chi Town, where I
spent more years than anywhere else.
Please resolve this complex social dilemma
and fatality-prone violence.


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