Thursday, October 6, 2016

October 3rd, 2016: Sen. Kirk and U.S. House Rep Duckworth--A Civilized Debate at Last!

The hour and a half spent watching the candidates
vying for the Illinois U.S. Senate seat via the
Chicago Tribune's video was well worth it. The
only flaw occurred with the Trib's mike placement;
the two candidates' comments were adequately
audible, whereas the Tribune editorial board's
interviewers could barely be heard.

What I wished for so ardently but failed to see
during the 2016 Presidential Primaries DID
happen at the IL state level: the two U.S. Senate
candidates behaved with dignity, largely steered
clear of personal attack, sticking substantially to
the issues. Yes, Tammy hammered hard on "wrongs"
she identified in Kirk's record, but kept it a civil
critique all the same.

I'll be voting for Ms. Duckworth, as she appears
more capable; she's younger, survived being shot
down and captured in Iraq, while Sen. Kirk sadly
shows hallmarks of his physical and mental challenges.
His survival and progress toward normalcy is quite
remarkable indeed, yet the stroke adversely affects
him even now, which the Tribune video plainly
illustrates. Tammy could speak at length, cogently
with detail and extempore'; Mr. Kirk seemed far
more subdued...still, he acquitted himself admirably.

We would have seen a similarly civilized exchange
between Gov. O'Malley (D) and Gov. Kasich (R)
if the media and our electorate had allowed it--
to our detriment, we've gotten circuses and
scandals instead.

Thank you both, Mark and Tammy, for letting
us see sanity, dignity, demeanor and respect
resonate with you--as it does with some of us.

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