Thursday, October 6, 2016

The USA's Favorite Ferengi, Donald Trump

If you've never seen the TV free series "Deep Space
Nine" ( a Star Trek franchise) you'll not know how
apt this "Ferengi" comparison really is. The several
hundred "Rules of Acquisition" (distilled down to
anything for a buck, no holds barred) are ruthless,
immoral and amoral, actually criminal in many
places boasting a concerted rule of law, to say
little of plain consideration of others.

I imagine the Donald watching Quark, the most
ambitious and greedy of the lot, largely sympathizing
with the Ferengi bar owner when many of his nefarious
and ill-thought out schemes come to naught. Like
Quark, Trump experiences many failures, but manages
to scramble up from them employing every tactic
available on Earth (legal loopholes). Quark utilizes
his planet's "rules", which are simply more hidey
holes and justifications for the rich and aspiring.
Peals of laughter accompany any successful gambits,
never any remorse. Ruinous or harmful fallout  (AKA
collateral damage) seems so much sweeter AND

Trump and fictional Ferengi Quark both say it's
smart to get a leg up on everybody else;
witness the first face-to-face a few days
back between the Don and the Hill. Lies,
obfuscations, deleting relevant facts, denials--
all to get rich quick, buy ostentatious but
tasteless property to regale friend and foe
alike, hosted in a semi-social setting.

Trump has strange facial expressions many
have noticed; Quark's are actually more
normal, alien physiology notwithstanding.
Both are amusing and amused in one stroke,
if one can shunt aside the dangers to the
rest of us, unwary or not...

Wait, wait, I've got it! How about a
"Saturday Night" TV episode with Quark
and Donald, sitting side by side, relishing
all their canny, money-making tricks, busily
applauding each other on their splendid business
acumen. I might just call the producers there in
NYC and forward a suggestion for just such
a skit.

The USA's favorite Ferengi, Donald Trump:
oblivious to the obvious as well as to the
profound, or to what's generally deemed
decent. May he never gain the White House.

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  1. Well. It seems to me Amber it says a lot about America, Our citizens, systems , etc ( IT SAYS A LOT IN A NEGATIVE, SAD, WAY ) that TRUMP and Senator Clinton for that matter have come this far.

    The indigenous people of the LAND we call AMERICA lost their country, freedom, and many los their lives. I pray if more LIKE ELITEST TYPES like Bruce Rauner, Mr Trump and others get into high office, sadly that may some day be all our fate. THE ELITE care for their ELITE , CONNECTED minority group members. Yes THAT minority sure does rule....

    I would call Mr Trumpand his type CLINGON myself. EVil, trecherous, devilish, and that is just some of what I could call him and his type. I have a certified vision problem. I guess most of the ones that are for Trump do too. Maybe they ARE JUST LIKEHIM, Want to be like him, or are fooled into thinking he has the same mind set as them. Many if he wins are going to be shocked when he comes out of his bag on them..