Friday, October 14, 2016

The Trumps' Anti-Women War: Ugly Americans are Legion

The latest reveals re: the Trumps and their anti-women
wars plainly show two sad, salient facts:

(1) The Donald Trumps, pe're et fils, do not respect
women; both are on electronic record bragging about
their right to demean, insult, intimidate, objectify and
rate females in the workplace where employees are
trapped. Such toxic behaviors ought to be permitted,
opined several males including DT JR. broadcast over
a recent Buzzfeed "bull session".

(2) Apparently, American men share the Trumps'
misogyny, shown via a very recent poll: men will
vote for Trump overwhelmingly on November 8,
while a majority of  women are voting for Clinton.
--The gender wars continue, down the centuries to
today! (England's Queen Elizabeth I was wise to
remain unmarried, wasn't she, girls? Henry VIII's
daughter, she lived long, prospered, remaining large
and in charge for decades....)

Even with better laws and the "civilizing", tempering
effects of education, far too little has changed. The
Trumps, father and son, are actually to be thanked for
exposing their own contempt for women so openly--
while allowing all to see support for the anti-women
wars is far from minor.

Ugly Americans in 2016: they are legion.


  1. Amber SOME, American men may share his views. SOME American PEOPLE of all sexes may share ALL his views. HE is an evil man!

    It seems to me Mr Trump is a HATE FILLED Elitist! He hates on MANY levels. Also Many REPUBLIC organization people including WOMEN do not seem to be speaking out against him. They knew of many of his deeds, words, etc over a few decades. Then made him the republican nominee as their candidate.

  2. One more thing.

    A big myth. THE ROMAN EMPIRE DIED. No it did not. it is alive, well, computerized, cloqued and more powerful than ever. The attitudes, spirit, mentality, that manifests into a life style is the foundation I feel of Danald Trump and those similar to him. I hope they are in the minority , however they are a powerful, vocal, ELITE think they are god bunch!Look at most people. The average person that really make this world run like we are all dung. That is why robots are being used more in industry, even some in the home for those that can afford them. People are needless NON ELITE people are needless the ELITE Trump like ones feel. What is done with needless people. Well we I hope all know our history. Remember Adolf S Hitler? Enough said.

  3. Something THE MOST important thing to think about. Amber. If I am not mistaken DONALD TRUMP ADMITTED, ADMITTED to committing A SEX CRIME on audio did he not? I wonder if a poor NON ELITE, NONE WHITE E PERSON did that what would be happening to that person right now?