Monday, July 10, 2017

Ways That the Existence of the Electoral College is Undemocratic

How can a nation of over 320 million be ruled by the decisions
of a mere 538 electors? How is the USA a democracy? Sure,
we have a popular vote, but the real power is with these few
Electors--if the will of the people can be subverted, as in the
elevation of Trump, a highly unqualified person who violates
the Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution every day,
it is not reasonable to claim we have a democracy here.

The very way electors are selected, each state matching
the number of their congressional delegation with the same
number of  electors underscores a lack of basic fairness;
the more populous states send more reps to the U.S.
House, giving them more electors. The republican and
democratic party officials pick their states' electors, yet
another manifestation of "the fix is in".

Several House Reps and others have moved to eliminate
this outdated and error-prone feature from our hallowed
document, including former Sen. Barbara Boxer, but don't
expect such a sane change anytime soon. Party loyalty
is at bottom of this system, the evils of which were
discussed in the Federalist Papers dealing with factions.
Let's not forget how important position is to those chosen
to serve as electors--few indeed would surrender such
lofty perches.

Meanwhile, we have a president who flouts the Emoluments
Clause and flirts ignorantly with the wily Russians who are
far more experienced than the current crop in the White House.

...All because of the Electoral College.


  1. Maybe Amber if the world goes on another 60 years maybe it will be eliminated? The Chicago Cubs NL ball team won the world series last year so as we see miracles can and do happen.

  2. One more thing. If a NON ELITIST tried to violate the constitution what would happen to them? I SHUDDER to think of it!