Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Maybe Mark Zuckerberg Was Right After All: There Is Now No Privacy

Apparently many U.S.  states DO require social security numbers
on voter registration forms, drivers' license numbers and mothers'
maiden names as well. The last illusion of privacy has disappeared
in a puff of smoke-- who knew your state political entities
possessed this vital in formation?--Apparently Zuckerberg did.

Great credit goes to 44 of our fifty states openly defying Trump's
voter information commission, all refusing to release personal,
private data including SSA numbers. Some states say they will
provide public info, nothing more. Research reveals that HOW
one has voted (and for whom) is never kept, so what The Don
seeks has never been available--who voted for Clinton vs. who
voted for Trump. Time, money and hot air grind on, however.

Agent Orange, AKA Trump, looks back rather than ahead.
He knows his presidency is not quite legitimate, as Clinton won
the popular vote by almost three million votes, so he casts
about for "monsters under the bed" to prove the people
really did pick him after all, rather than the few hundred in
the Electoral College.

Meanwhile, our serious issues go unresolved, Trump spending
far too much time in attack and parry on Twitter. Every day,
more and more people mull over a possible presidential
impeachment. The Donald's mistaken moves bring that day
closer with each error.

Our expectation of privacy, other than being protected by
locking our doors and shutting the window blinds, really
has been shunted aside, ignored in  favor of financial and
political interests. When the polity finally finds out what
they have lost, the masses may rise, returning us all
to times of sanity and freedom.

Until then, Mark Zuckerberg is still right.

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  1. Voting I feel should be made as easy as possible. NOT HARD. I feel Amber when we get ID drivers license, etc, We should be AUTOMATICALLY registered to vote.