Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Rescued Pacific Drifters, Part Two: Hinky and Dinky with the Facts.. or Just Dazed and Confused?

The October Ocean  story of the month is now a week old,
but only in the last few days have more "factual shoes"
fallen out of the closet, nevermind merely "the other shoe

The mass media's further explication (today's ) brings
out the two women's inconsistencies, about no big storm
reported in their Pacific area on the day they said it occurred,
that they sent no messages when they said they did; more
head-scratchers undoubtedly to follow, such as how they
had the strikingly bad luck to have no working communication
devices all at once, etc. A cell phone was washed overboard?
Did they not think to secure such a vital and valuable device?
There are easy and inexpensive ways to do this, even in a severe
storm(s) --how is it their food lasted for the entire putative five
months' worth of drifting?

                          So What Gives Here?

(1) They could be so stressed out that they are conflating
events when they are interviewed, piling one misstatement
upon another;

(2)  They may simply be painfully inarticulate;

(3)  They overestimated their talents and preparedness.
Many people do indeed precisely that, and sooner or later
it comes back to bite one's backside.

(4)  More insidiously, this may be what psychologists/
psychiatrists and social workers deem "Munchausens'
Disease, where great effort is expended, lying,wasting other
people's time and concern, etc. just to gain fame or merely
attention. Since it is a form of mental/emotional illness, more
to be pitied than scorned...(but were the dogs a substitution for
children, AKA the Proxy in Munchausen's by Proxy, even
though the dogs didn't appear to have been mistreated as
children are in the strict medical definition.)

(5) Lacking any mental disease affect, simply a bad character.
(Lots of THAT going around, even worse than a pandemic!)
Socrates seems to have been the first famous person to say
"The unexamined life is not worth living". How right he and
others like him are.

I am glad the gals and the dogs are alive. But again, being
the meanie I am, I must ask, why would anyone think they were
prepared for such a mammoth, risky undertaking by traveling to
a part of the world where few speak English?  If we are not willing
to learn another language, then why not travel to the many places
where English is spoken? Come ON, it just aint that hard.

I find it the height of our American arrogance that we must
(apparently) still think all the world's adults speak English.
This ignorant assumption forgets, never knew or doesn't
care that most of the world's peoples do NOT speak English,
either as the native language or as later learned...Pacific Ocean
nations have most of the Earth's humans, history and geography,
so it could really pay off to respect that.

Meanwhile, more to follow, about Hinky, Dinky and all the

P.S.: today CNN finally filled in my more urgent questions:
these ladies did have meat protein in the form of beef jerky
and very high energy (fats) nuts, also good sources of protein.
The one partner who had zero knowledge of boats and
sailing, according to her own quote, finally ends it for me as of
this post.

I didn't see where these two checked long-range weather forecasts
via NOAA, before departing, so depended on antennas
which are easily broken, etc. They also had very poor
estimation skills, since one woman said the Tiger sharks
swarming around them were 30 feet long; generally
Tigers are around ten, but more bad guess work
like this, relative to the physics of their small boat/vis a vis
all the other vital variables--well they had some luck
and held on constantly to the one GPS enabled phone,
admittedly a smart move. Enough!

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