Friday, February 23, 2018

More Evidence of Base Motives from Oligarchs Running for High Office

Why must they aim for the top jobs without trying for  lower
level experience first? Chris Kennedy, J B Pritzker, Donald
Trump and IL Governor Rauner all feel they need not pursue
a proper learning curve, gain experience/expertise before
becoming governors and presidents. The record clearly shows
how hubris produces ignorant, dangerous decisions and
candidates; our current president is but one glaring example.

The U.S. House and Senate have office holders of various
ages, so "starting young" is not a requirement. Trusting
one's advisers inevitably is, but without the proper
foundation, how can one know which policy  prescription/
recommendation to follow?

Meanwhile, many well qualified individuals don't even
attempt to join the game, as it is so based on money.
"Money answereth all things", says my King James Bible
in one spot...interestingly, though, nothing follows that
cryptic sentence describing or explaining what sort of
"answers", good, bad or indifferent.Where is the value??

Beware those nobly-canted TV ads proclaiming the
caring character of the super rich candidate--he or
she rarely achieved  great wealth without resorting to
LLPs, LLCs, hedge funds and other mechanisms
absolving officers and owners of legal responsibility
when things go seriously awry.

Base, self-serving hubris drives such people.

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  1. Well stated. Amber one can not help wondering what , WHO, or HOW MUCH $$$$$ is motivating other qualified( OR MORE so ) to not run for office?