Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Rudy Giuliani a Perfect Match "Morally" for Donald Trump

The Donald's "new" attorney: None of the news
outlets I've checked have reminded anyone about
former NYC Mayor Rudy G's terrible example
exhibited by him during his stay at Gracie Mansion,
the home for sitting New York City mayors, NOT
THEIR personal property, putatively paid for by the
taxpayers... but I will:

While RG was NYC's mayor, his mistress and
his wife both lived with him at Gracie Mansion.
--Ugh! Makes the "Stormy" scandal a minor
squall, no?? What WAS wrong with the three
of them, anyway? Why would wife and/or
girlfriend participate in such a situation?
(It's not as if 'ol Rudy is a hunk, after all.)  Then
there is/was Rudy: he obliviously, obviously
cared nothing for setting a moral tone nor
tending to his reputation.

In irony upon irony, these two NYC dudes,
regarding themselves as larger than life, do
as they please--but plenty of us HAVE
NOTICED. Rudy G and Don the Rude
are absolutely a perfect match--for each
other. Never mind what that implies for
the rest of us, the best of us.

Stay tuned; time to call some of these
news outlets to apprise them of the
Gracie Mansion shame owned by
our "new" Presidential confidant/
attorney...immoral, ignorant officials
are being let go daily--time for these
two to join 'em.

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