Tuesday, May 29, 2018

We Remember Roseanne-- Why Didn't ABC?

Roseanne Barr may be a funny comedienne,
but she has always been prejudiced and
racist. Wasn't it Ms. Barr who pulled her
eyelids into slants some years back,
hatefully mimicking garbled Oriental speech?
How did ABC fail to recall that flap, as well
as many more by her and others,?

 --TSK,  TSK, ABC, you did not do the
requisite due diligence one might expect.
Ms. Barr has had several of these embarrassingly
inhumane outbursts, but TV execs, harking back
to the past, looked to her old hit series and hoped
lightning  might just strike one more time. ($$$!)

Now Roseanne has been fired again;
perhaps she can get a job at a restaurant,
life imitating art, just as she did years
ago on the show.


  1. I heard this morning on WBBM 105 FM on the cbs news segment that ( Roseanne claims she was taking some medication , sleeping medication AMBIEN I think was stated. So that ws the reason for her horrible behavior and she was sorry etc.

    I have never used nor wanted to use RECREATIONAL DRUGS. I have not abused drugs( PRESCRIPTOON NOR OVER THE COUNTER) I was given demoral back in the nineteen eighties for a COLONOSCOPY procedure( It maid me fee l cold PHYSICALLY COLD it was a warm day and like saying all that was on my mind TELLING ALL MY BUSINESS I DID NOT plus a caring relativette was with me .. I HOWEVER DID NOT start using RACIAL SLURS nor try to verbally nor in any other way try to hurt others. Never tried anything stronger than a little wine HATED IT, Never been nor never wanted to be DRUNK. BOTTOM LINE I feel DRUGS , BOOZE BRING OUT WHAT IS IN PEOPLE!


  2. I have never followed Roseanne Barr nor her associates, tv show etc.I find her, lude rude, crude, evil A RACIST, A MAN hater, GENERALLy she seems to not like much of anyone . I wonder how she feels about her self.She seems so angry and FULL OF HELL! Like more people do these days.