Saturday, May 12, 2018

The Animal Welfare League: Time for Critics to Roll Up Their Sleeves, Open Their Wallets and Help

But instead, they mindlessly copy the candlelight
vigil practice/demonstrations generally employed
when innocent people, especially children, are
killed. I have been to this very caring and humane
shelter in Chicago Ridge, IL, many times over the
past ten years and found nothing amiss--seen cages
filled with dogs, cats, small mammals. The front and
adoption areas are always clean, the vets and support
staff pleasant and kind...

Ahem: it DOES PAY to be kind to the shelter's staff too,
recognizing and understanding they DO have problems.
From the ASPCA to the various states' SPCAs, the
Chicago Humane Society, et al., all are almost
overrun with animals dropped off, too often by
owners who did zero research, not realizing that
cute little puppy would grow to almost human
size. Sometimes it is a tragedy or simple necessity
which brings the pet to a shelter, yes, but more often,
too many heedless Americans are to blame.

Back to the whistleblowers of Chicago Ridge:
Just who are you, exactly? Do you really care
about animals or are you merely angling for
more press coverage? Have you sent AWL
$25.00 every month as I'm doing, even on my
laughable $1,000 SSA monthly check, rent $600?
I suspect not. Are you all volunteering? I'm 72
and not well, wish I COULD volunteer.

It is easy to criticize. Here's my message to all
those naysayers who claim they want to reform
The Animal Welfare League, not close it:
Open up your hearts, your wallets,

P.S.: Perhaps more inquiry will reveal a more
heartfelt, sincere motivation re: the AWL
protesters/vigil holders. I'm willing to
listen. Best Wishes to all involved.

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  1. AMEN!! I find people who are not kind o animals( Or are not kind to those that care for animals) In general are not kind to people.