Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Has the U.S. House Seceded from the Nation?

--At the very least, by its almost anarchical, "symbolic" behavior,
the House of Representatives has shown little respect or concern
for the nation's present or future. What IS the point of passing the
same bill by the house THIRTY-THREE times which won't become
law, opposed as it is by both Senate and President? --To satisfy
its base come November 2012? --Just to avoid doing the nation's
real work, solving problems ignored by both political parties
entrenched for decades ? Repealing "Obamacare" won't be that
easy, extremist right wing-nut Republicans. Independents
(who read and pay attention far more than straight-ticket voters)
won't be won over by such arrant nonsense.

Constitutional law will have to change, denying dramatic
stupidities like filibustering with no meaningful content as well
as "symbolic" repetitive voting. Who exactly wants to pay such
people large salaries for essentially opposing a higher authority
they don't like (Mr. Obama) while not constructively dealing
with the national debt, trade imbalance, offshoring gone wild,
failing bridges, rails and roads, ad infinitum ad nauseam?
Congress enjoys much less respect these days than a whole
passel of unscrupulous lawyers, but many legislators don't care,
taking the money and running, running, running as they do.

But I care. We just waxed oh so patriotic once again on July 4th,
flags, fireworks, grandiloquent speeches and parades. Only a
relative few noted just how UNpatriotic the Republicans in the
U.S. House really are....throw the rascals out, they act like
they've seceded from the nation.

Maybe we should let them.


  1. The Democrats need to recapture 25 Congressional seats this November. Let's do everything in our power to assure that it happens.

    As the election approaches, I expect to be doing a fair amount of canvassing in Metro Chicago districts currently represented by Repubs. We should be able to defeat that Tea Party loudmouth Joe Walsh, but we also need to make sure that he has plenty of company.

    1. ...plenty of company in defeat, that is.
      Talk about tone deafness married to unbelievable insensitivity! Rep. Joel Walsh
      wins THAT "prize".