Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A New Normal: The Minimum is the Maximum

Slogans, slogans, get your slogans hot off the presses and at
political bus tours/town halls! Mitt Romney has a comforting
one: "Every Town Counts". Was this snappy sample created
to appeal to those in small towns jealous of/afraid of NYC,
DC, Chi and LA? That's what I get out of it. Here he comes,
the billionaire's man of the people!

Yes Mitt, every town AND every person DO count, but who's
doing the counting and why? Trolling/polling for votes, is a
judicious if quick answer. Like children, many adults
are trying to "believe", even with all the evidence stacked
against this Billionaire Billy-Silly.

Sadly, the new normal is "the minimum is the maximum,"
i.e., do the least that is required of one. I see this every
where I go, as the country's rush to the bottom accelerates.
Here is where the Grover Norquists and Rush Limbaughs
of the world wormed their way into to our national life,
to our peril.

We are being messaged/massaged to death, almost literally.
The right-wing nuthatches want to make the world safe
for them and theirs, NOT Democracy, which has never
actually existed anyway. The Koch Brothers and one of
their biggest properties, Georgia Pacific, sponsor some
of the best free TV, PBS programming. How do we escape
these dangerously dollared, tunnel-visioned players on our
national stage?

Other than 150 million or so adult Americans waking up,
weighing in with public participation (voting, contacting
/meeting legislators, I haven't a clue.

Do you??

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