Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Obama Understands What Many Republicans DON'T

--Granted, his remarks were not that articulate or enlightening
when he uttered his now-infamous sound byte, "You didn't build
that". I've read the whole speech and found it not well-organized,
his mini-history of the Internet not exactly accurate (--Arpanet,
Darpanet, Vingt Cerf, Al Gore and more made the technology and
public access possible). But despite these lesser flaws, his
understanding, intent and concern is what it has always been
--and I support it:

(1) Government collects tax monies and disburses it. These
funds are NOT just from small and large businesses, but
significant amounts are realized from the EMPLOYED who
don't enjoy loophole access like the 2% do.

(2) WHAT private business has ever built roads and
bridges in the U.S.? ONLY a NATION can mount mammoth
projects like a dam, a national highway system. Ask Eisenhower,
Hoover and both Roosevelts what they and Congress actually
had built: they made it happen with taxpayer money, from
workers' taxes and their bosses' taxes, when they actually pay
them. (Excusez moi, those little corporate access roads are built
by the corporations--mostly.)

(3) No one succeeds alone if they are a human being--
there are parents, family, neighbors, friends, teachers, the
occasional mentor, schools and university or journeyman
training, books, nature, TV, etc., just as the president
intimated, albeit clumsily.

(4) Few of the super-rich are like Ted Turner, Warren
Buffet, Bill Gates or George Soros, who contribute to the
general welfare far and beyond the expertise that made
their wealth. Instead, we have the likes of the Koch Brothers,
who donate to PBS -corporate image advertising-while
funding the most scurrilous right-wing extremist nuthatchery

(5) Bain Capital was not a job creator, it was a corporate,
kill jobs and create wealth-for-one (or just a "necessary few")
raider, period. All the information recently available about Bain
merely substantiates that description, the laughably lame excuses
by Mitt's rich related-industry friends notwithstanding.

My message to the many misunderstanding republicans is
an actual challenge: do a bit of research in Thomson
Research as I did decades back. You will find many
companies set up as essentially sole proprietorships, no
employees (or very few), companies that are NOT Mom and
Pop enterprises, yet raking in the big bucks for the proprietor.
Also understand what the implications of too many LLPs and
LLCs are, a situation ripe for eventual economic collapse.

The really idiotically ironic aspect of all this is, even the rich
must ride over the same crumbling roads and bridges as the
rest of us. "Ordinary" people built this great nation, as it has
all the others. This is one of the many concepts Obama
understands that too many republicans don't....

Or won't, without the wit to care.

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