Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Olympic's Ugly Side: the IOC vs. Its Own Athletes

There's a very telling, world-famous book titled
The Ugly American. Its lessons still hold, decades later.
This time, though, let's write a new, non-fiction expose',
call it the Ugly IOC, with their infringement on individual
athlete's free, grateful expression of thanks to their sponsors
on social media. But that's not all: no criticism of the IOC
allowed, being banned from the Olympic Games the
ultimate penalty.

The ugliness here stems from two motivations: the IOC's
overweening desire to control the games and greed for evermore
sponsorship dollars for THEMSELVES, thus the "non-compete"
policy of gag orders re: athletes thanking their sponsors on,
say, facebook.

Really, International Olympics Committee, I haven't forgotten
the scandal and corruption swirling around you only a few
short years back....was that ever resolved? Who do you
people think you are? Without the athletes, you're nothing,
could HAVE nothing. Try to acquire a sense of cause and
effect perspective, PLEASE.

Do Olympic athletes have legal rights of free expression a la
those in the USA's First Amendment? Perhaps not, but
they SHOULD.


  1. IOC, ICU--acronyms gone wild!

    The whole high-achieving layer of sports
    is one I no longer follow. Too much money, hubris and drugs for me, spoils the sport.

  2. I totally lost interest in the Olympics some time ago myself, largely for the reasons you stated.

    In fact the last time the Olympics really piqued my interest was back in the '80s when Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan, two U.S. skaters were both household names. Remember when Tonya commissioned her thuggish boyfriend to whack Nancy across her knee? It was they who put the "LIMP" in the Olympics!