Monday, August 20, 2012

Glad NOT to Be from Missouri....

--Chiefly because of U.S. House Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO). WHAT
were they THINKING, the voters who put this foolish fiasco into
office? The chief uproar, deservedly, stems from the anti-woman
comment, "...legitimate rape..." Most public accusations of rape by
women are justified, as few would want to go through such shame,
scandal and invasions of privacy that inevitably attend the
circus which follows an accusation and the bringing of charges.

But then Todd, "akin" to many other "dim bulbs", scored in the
negative zone when asserting that a woman's body (post rape)
would just naturally slough off any ensuing spawn. NO, TODD,
conception can indeed succeed, whether the female was willing
or not.

Take a look at it, T. A.'s constituents: your House Rep is anti-
woman AND woefully ignorant about human biology, much else
in science, very probably. (So glad I'm in Illinois, where we have
an equally egregious Congressman, Joel Walsh.)

I'm just "Akin" to throw the rascals out, WHEREVER
they may be from.

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  1. Despite this uproar over Akin's mind-blowing remarks, the Republicans are adding an anti-choice plank to their platform. And, would you believe, it makes no exceptions for rape or incest?

    It probably won't make a sliver of difference if Akin or someone else runs as the Republican standard-bearer. Their voting records would probably be identical. Akin just happens to have a bi-i-i-g mouth!