Monday, August 6, 2012

Domestic Terror Steps Up: Where Is Safety?

The horror is stepping up lately, it seems. Twelve
senselessly, unjustly, lose their lives to domestic terror in
Colorado, to be followed by a loss of seven more only a month
later in Wisconsin. Are there patterns here?

(1) Since Columbine, most (if not all) of these killers have been
male students or soldiers. Very likely, the stress of these
environments' high expectations married to an inadequate
personal life spiked by a deep disappointment produces such
unspeakable tragedies.

(2) Aberrant, violent philosophies are held by those who feel
weak, insecure, threatened, isolated, and alienated. Scapegoating
others "out there" is easier than looking within.

But somebody better start looking within and without, or we
will justly deserve descriptions and comparisons to Mexico
and Columbia as another unsafe place to live, unless that ship has
also sailed.

Where is safety?

1 comment:

  1. Unfortunately, as recent events have demonstrated, there's really no way to seamlessly "red-flag" evryone who ultimately commits such acts.

    As you've indicated in recent correspondences between our blogs, restoration of the quick-fire weapons ban, repealed in 2004, would certainly help.

    If the Democrats succeed in regaining a House majority and retaining control of the Senate, a repeal might just fly once again.