Thursday, August 30, 2012

"Undecideds": Time to Decide

RNC hacks and the Romney/Ryan ticket salesmen would
have you forget eight years of Clinton (he signed the death knell
of Glass-Steagall) and eight years of Bush. How was Mr. Obama
ever going to undo SIXTEEN years of bad policy decisions?--In
FOUR years? --Particularly when those policies resulted in banks
gone wild, the Great Recession of 2007----, deficits, our military
dead, thousands in civilian "collateral damage" overseas and the
lack of necessary nation-wide infrastructure reconstruction?

President Obama is far from perfect. He should have taken on
healthcare reform after the economy improved; he should
NOT have had all his high level advisers be Chicagoans, especially
Chicagoans who were paid big bucks from Com Ed (Exelon).
Mr. O, though, is a lot closer to most Americans in that he had
no silver spoon waiting when he arrived, that he worked for
what he's gained, charm and ambition notwithstanding.

Tonight Mr. Romney attempts to win us over with a
demonstration of how mellow, rather than how hollow, he is.
Just remember the good 'ol boy who was easy to have a beer
with, Bush II. It takes far more than an easy manner and slogans
to effectively run a large country like ours--as Junior proved.

Hey,"undecideds", time to decide: do you want a leader you can
have a beer with, or someone with some competence and a
concern for the middle class?

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  1. I believe that there are a lot of "undecideds" out there. However, many of them may be undecided not about whom to vote for, but whether or not it's even worth the bother to exercise their right to the ballot.

    Those are the folks I'm most concerned about.