Monday, August 13, 2012

Romney/Ryan: Readin', 'Ritin' and NO Arithmetic

--No heart to DO the math, either. With a straight face Paul Ryan
is all over the media, vowing to honor the promises previous
administrations have made to retirees, but all bets are off for
the under 55 age group. On CBS' "60 minutes" (o8/12/'12)
R & R sat together with matching "grid" patterned shirts
but there was no Rest or Recovery planned for the middle class,

How can they care (seemingly) only about the "business"
community, yet forget to factor in the consumer, who has
driven this economy for decades? Fewer workers mean fewer
buyers of goods and services, a concept I learned in high school
back in the 1960s. Memo, Mitt: most U.S. adults are employEES
rather than employERS. The current catch 22, which has
businesses laying off or postponing expansion, could continue for
three to four more years, some economists estimate.

CNN has a handy little chart from the National Bureau of
Economic Research showing 21 recessions in the U.S. since
1904. Our national conversation about the economy is a
reductio ad absurdia, where only the the Great Depression
and the Great Recession (2007----) are ever discussed. This
obfuscation obscures reality, seriously altering any forthcoming
policy decisons, possibly disastrously. Numerous economic
swings can impact a middle class family more than once in a
lifetime, putting many out on the street, even if they "did all
the right things", finishing schooling, saving money, investing.

DC House and Senate Republicans COULD have broken this dreary,
dispiriting cycle by passing recent national infrastructure repair
proposals (roads, rails and bridges) which, of necessity, would
have employed many, increasing consumption, in turn
increasing confidence, allowing small and larger businesses
to hire on more workers, etc., ad infinitum, the positive ripple
effect extending worldwide.

But getting a Democrat and an African American out of the
White House was always the priority, according to Sen. Mitch
McConnell (R-KY)--just ask him. Working on long-standing
problems for everyone in the USA? THAT calculation is not
in Mr. McConnell's Math copybook.

No reasonable arithmetic available from R and R either.


  1. This Presidential contest IS ABOUT RACE:
    A bumper sticker exhorts:

    Don't Re-Nig
    In 2012

    A photo of the bumper sticker just sent to me via email, today, August 13th.

    Will there ever be a post-racial America?
    Not in my lifetime, bet on it.

    1. There are times when it sure doesn't look that way, aren't there?

      Speaking of fuzzy math, the Republicans' attempt to rejigger the tax code seems to fall in that category. They claim that lowering individual and corporate tax rates while eliminating deductions and "loopholes" will be revenue-neutral without providing documentation.

      The Tax Policy Institute, an organization respected for its impartiality, has run the numbers; they believe that such a program would increase the deficit.