Monday, October 1, 2012

We Are Better Off than We Were Four Years Ago

Will Romney dare to ask that now standard, classic question of
Mr. Obama? There's only one answer: OF COURSE WE ARE.

Even if  the following "savings" went against the grain and
mainstream, macroecon theory, they kept the world safe from a
true Depression (even if American pols, bankers and other high
rollers caused the Great Recession of 2007):
(1) AIG was saved  (It WAS too big to fail, let's break it up.)
(2) Detroit/GM was saved, as well as thousands of auto industry
      and industry-related jobs across the U.S.
(3) Dodd-Frank  was enacted, even if it didn't return required
      regulations  to Glass-Steagall levels.
(4) Unemployment levels, at a frightening 10+% early on, have
      dropped  to 8%+. (As the saying goes, "Better is better.")
(5) "Obamacare" was enacted, providing mandated insurance for
      millions with pre-existing conditions. (Some provisions still
      rankle, however.)
(6) Obama ended Osama in four years. (Bush hadn't, after eight.)

Obama made major mistakes and promises were not kept,  but
these six little items prove WE ARE BETTER OFF.

Let the president have four more years: he needs them to fix
Clinton's and Bush's sixteen.
Better is better, but we need even "mo better".

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