Monday, November 26, 2012

Egypt's Morsi: He Wanted More, See?

I'm experiencing Middle East Fatigue. After 3,000+ years, cannot
these people figure things out? Do they just like the drama and
bloodshed? I think so. I grieve for the children, but all the rest
surely should shoulder some of the blame, just as our people
should when they vote in or hire an incompetent or worse over

What's in a name? A Morsi by any other name might not
be so greedy for more--but he didn't attain power all alone.
Oops, Egypt aflame again.

Regarding the Palestinians and the Israelis, the supreme irony is
that, when all is said and done, it is a fight amongst one people,
Semites. The Arabs and Israelis are both Semitic peoples; this is
NOT a race war. It IS pride, turf rights, ancestral revenge. But
how can relations improve with all this unthinking violence and
destruction? The march toward civilization is retarded by all the
gore and say nothing of all the wasted resources,
time and money.

The day that the unity of peace is widely regarded as more
interesting and satisfying than conflict and  violence is when
we achieve civilization, not before.

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  1. You're right about all the folks involved being Semites. For this reason, I refer to specifically anti-Jewish sentiments as "anti-Judaism". It seems as if etymologists have been denying the existence of non-Jewish Semites all these decades by the way anti-Semitism is defined in nearly every dictionary.

    In regard to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, it's a complicated mess as well as a flashpoint resonating throughout bthe Middle East and beyond. While I can't defend violence on either side, I believe that Israel, with its far-superior military strength has been the primary oppressor.

    Two books that I found quite informative: Rashid Khalidi's "The Iron Cage", and Sandy Tolan's "The Lemon Tree".