Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Low-Class Campaign Co-Chair Horror

It looks  like Mr. Obama is still surrounding himself with advisers
and supporters of dubious qualifications, the latest being Eva
Longoria. Is this sexy Hollywoodite representative of regular
Americans?  If so, we're all in the deep do-do. She showed her
low-class colors by retweeting  a scurrilous slam against Romney,
which included one of the two worst epithets employed against
women's private parts....then tried to wriggle out of the
responsibility for it by claiming "Twitter malfunction." Hello, Eva,
you can't shed this like one of your tight dresses--the only zipper
here was the one you didn't use to keep yourself from making
matters (and yourself) look worse.

--Brother, father, sister, mother! She had many choices available
to her, one of  which would have taken the high road by
responding that she thinks Mr. Romney is ill-suited to run the
country, but nevertheless is opposed to publicly using
disrespectful gutter terminology to describe him, the truth is
quite bad enough.

Mr. Obama has choices, too. One of the wiser ones would be
to ask her to step down from her co-chairmanship of his
re-election campaign. She should never have had the position
in the first place, has now proved it. Mr. O should also abjure 
any agreement with such verbiage and behavior publicly, immediately.

And here we thought Sandy was the only horror of note during
Halloween week.

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