Saturday, November 17, 2012

Romney: Sour Grapes Don't Smell This Bad

Romney, bitter over his loss, now accuses the president of
buying votes with overly generous "gifts" to minorities. --Whew!
Such a sorry spectacle is worse than sour grapes, it simply stinks.
Mitt can't stop opening his mouth to his own detriment; one
wonders when he will retire "gracefully" from the national stage.
He's 65, time to maturely reflect and decide what to do with the
 rest of his life.

He has so much money--why not put it to humanitarian use?
He could found a charitable foundation, or simply contribute
more substantially than he does currently. Whining, though,
detracts from his carefully airbrushed image, so he'd better
get cracking.

In contrast, Mr. Obama proves himself to be a gracious winner,
extending bipartisan warmth across the aisle, so different than
his predecessor who gloated about his political capital and his
intention to use it. Honey vs. vinegar, it might just work.


  1. I agree. I'd had hope from the concession speeches that this was going to be just a quiet affair and people would get back to business... I was wrong. Then we add in McCain showing he still has his own "sour grapes" from the 2008 election too... it's always interesting to me to see how almost every single criticism of the Democratic Party the Republicans have is really much more true of their own party. "Democrats are all whining crybabies!" is always said by Republics while they're being whiny crybabies... "Obama gave people gifts!" says the guy who ran promising giant tax cuts... they'll vote against Susan Rice becoming Secretary of State for "lying about Benghazi" but voted for Condoleeza Rice despite lying about Iraq... it's mind-boggling...

    1. Given two or three more election cycles, we'll have successfully sent the McConnells, the McCains, and the McLindsey Grahams packing. It's time for those old fossils and their buddies to exit just the way they entered: stage right!