Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fish Die by Mouth, Romney's Hopes Did too

Every time he opened his mouth, it seemed, he did his hopes in:
from wanting to de-fund Big Bird, to binders full of women, to
self-deportation, he just couldn't stop the flow of negative
logorrhea, and people remembered in November.  It's amusing
and a bit confusing to see the pundits chasing their tails, vying for
an explanation of Romney's loss of the White House. Keep it
simple, I say--the man should have zipped his lip more often.

I hope Mr. Romney decides to turn his attention to family and
philanthropy. Here he has expertise to succeed; the goals would
be worthy as well.

1 comment:

  1. I dunno, Amber. True, his loghorreic tendencies weren't helpful, but his sordid resume with Bain Capital would still have haunted him. His contempt for us common folk seemed so evident that it oozed through his pores, regardless of whatever elitist garbage came out of his mouth. That stated, I think that his most shameful utterance was the 47% observation that he made among his kindred spirits, not realizing that they'd go publicly viral.

    Regarding his post-campaign activities, there's always the barbering option. After all, he has had some practice.