Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dear Senator Leahy, Guns, Guns, A Whole Munitions Mess

The whole "munitions mess" is an inextricably interwoven,
intractable, uniquely American dilemma:

We sell arms to other nations, then react with shock
when the same weapons are used against us....
or we behave with grim but useless determination
when illegally obtained arms are spirited across the
border from Mexico, again to harm us.

What did we expect? Does anyone actually understand the
Second Amendment? Where IS that well-regulated militia?

What level of firearm possession would it take to make the
everyday American feel safe?  Anything in the way of
automatic weapons like AK-47s is an absurd abomination.

A futile hope: You and yours in Congress might someday,
somehow legislate this.

Then we wait for decades until the extant oversupply
becomes rust.


  1. You paint a grim picture, but your analysis could very well be spot on. In the near future, it looks as if there may be a congressional consensus regarding background checks. Beyond that, it could be a long slog.

    Good point regarding the Second Amendment. One would think that even the constitutional strict constructionists would understand the historical reference. But I guess not.

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