Thursday, March 21, 2013

Men Who Hate Women...

Have obviously written most of our laws, including some shockers--
domestic assault is a --whaaat?? Misdemeanor, not a felony?
The same injuries occurring between  two strangers on a street
ARE classified as felonies.

I don't intend to listen with any respect to claims our nation  is
sooo much more civilized than many another.(Unless mo' money
equals being civilized, which I reject--just look at Britney Spears
and the Lohan girl.)  Hogwash, really, just patriotic, unthinking
loyalty. I won't subscribe to "my country, right or wrong". I had
better be right, everyone else better be bright and right too, or the
deep do will worsen.

Come on, is the hypocrisy, hyperbole so ingrained in us that we
have no shred of objectivity? Pshaw, pooey, if true.

I do love our country. I and those I love were bred, born and
raised here; we do enjoy many positivities that are lacking
elsewhere. But the minute we feel smug, superior, even
deserving, deemed civilized behavior has gone.

All the 200+ nations on Earth are bound/divided by their
humanity. Until WE ALL GET IT, expect more atrocities
of every kind we've already seen...

Especially from those who must exert power over others,
i.e., most men.


  1. Yep, I couldn't agree with you more in regard to who or what is considered "civilized" or "exceptional". Such illusions have brought us a great mountain of grief and injustice throughout our history, that's for sure: Institutionalized slavery; near-genocide of Native Americans (did I hear someone say, "Manifest destiny?"); the tragedy of Iraq, etc.

    With women at the helm, would the course of history been less disastrous? Who knows. Maybe so, assuming such women were not named Margaret Thatcher or Condoleezza Rice.

  2. Thanks for the accord. We women are no better,
    really, just mostly smaller and somewhat more
    devious (persuading, manipulative, etc.) Of course many humans DO take the high road, but never enough, never enough!