Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Next Third World Country, Revealed

So the Congressional Republicans are putting forth yet another
incarnation of  a "you're on your own" budget; if it passes, bank
on rows of homeless lining the "glamour streets" of the USA's
showplace cities (read tourist traps) such as Chicago, Miami,
Los Angeles, San Francisco, perhaps even--Branson, MO!

This may seem like gratuitous, overblown sarcasm, but it is NOT.
I recall seeing homeless on a main street bridge in Havana Cuba,
as a ten year old in 1955. Fast forward to the U.S. in the 1980s,
when I sadly saw the same scenes all over downtown Chicago.

All Republicans are not extreme right-wingers, even though
the Tea Party, Grover Norquist, et al have made moderate
Republicans'  lives hell along with many of the rest of us. But
what DO the Tea Partiers and Evangelicals expect to happen
if the nation's poor must recur to state voucher systems
which will work until monies abruptly run out
(which would occur in Illinois, my state)?


Memo to the Right Wing
Read and heed: former Mayor Daley wasn't way out of line
when he called Chicago "Beirut on the Lake" during a
politically frustrating moment. We weren't there then,
but may move in that direction.

Be careful what you wish for. In attempting to wash your
hands of inconvenient strangers' needs, you will bring on
the big reveal:

The United States as the next and biggest third world

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