Friday, June 14, 2013

Accord Accorti No Mercy--Call the North Ridgeville Ohio Police...

clog up their phone lines, demand this cruel criminal be fired.
Why did this "peace" officer shoot a litter of eight week-old
kittens to death in front of a horrified Ohio mother and her
CHILDREN? Even worse, he has been cleared of the charges,
returned to work. What is going on in North Ridgeville? It is
time to look into this little nook of iniquity. I think I'll find out who
the U.S. House Rep is from that congressional district, call
him/her, and yes--

I intend to make a federal case out of this--



  1. I've already left messages for the North Ridgeville, OH police chief, the 19 Action News reporter on the story, and two Illinois police chiefs of my acquaintance. This is going higher--The Ohio SPCA has collected about 30K
    petition signatures protesting Accorti's dropped charges. Let's keep after this!

  2. Two former police chiefs in Illinois didn't wish to hazard helpful hints into insights about the North Ridgeville authorities' mindset--even though I swore source anonymity. The "colleagues closing ranks" phenom ever rears its primitive, ugly head. I despair of true human progress, really--even the Ohio SPCA has moved on, to judge by their website which no longer features Mr. Accorti and his shooting eight week old kittens to death.

    Somehow I will trudge forward--murdering innocent humans and animals should NOT go unpunished or unremarked!