Monday, June 17, 2013

Still An Uncivilized Earth: Rapes, Other Outrages Occur Worldwide

Here at home, in our military around the world, in the Middle
East, everywhere else as well: where there is no respect for
women or children, where racism and class status hold
dominant sway, where human and animal lives are held
cheaply--how can these practices be part of any "civilization"?
If by that term you mean the web, pretty architecture, arts and
sewer systems, I'll grant you, those exist. But those organizing
and culturally-assuaging accomplishments don't, sadly, create
true civilization, meaning, that higher thing, where meaningful
dialog, peace and respect rule worldwide.

So far, there has been no civilization...only certain civilized
INDIVIDUALS and  small communities of kindred
spirits here and there over the past 10,000 years of Earth's
human history....

Earthlings, evolve soon, or the destruction of life on this
planet happens sooner than even the climatologists' crystal
ball  prognosticates.


  1. There are times that it really does seem as it we could ultimately self-destruct. Some folks think that there may have been societies in the course of human history with characteristics one may have defined as civilized, though.

    Lerone Bennett, in his stellar work "Before the Mayflower" wrote fondly of the desert civilization of Timbuktu, with its thriving culture: highly literate, engaged in trade, and totally peaceful. Apparently, the last-mentioned characteristic proved to be their downfall; they had no way to resist military aggression.

    As for the present, I ain't sayin' you're wrong. How's this for a message written on a subway wall: "We are laughing at you, earthings", followed with an indecipherable signature.

  2. Amber.

    Great blog! I agree and can relate to what you are communicating here .I do feel we do not have to fear total destruction of humanity as I feel JESUS CHRIST ( AS I ACCEPTED IN 1967 AS MY LORD AND SAVIOR ) will not allow this to happen when he returns just in time..

    Maybe our world society is not nor ever has been as civilized as many thought. Maybe th savage SIN nature described in the bible many people are cultivating in their minds and spirits..

    People can choose to grow vegetables in a garden or plants that can be processed into illegal killing drugs ( DOPE as it was called back in the day as-many of us remember ) or people can CHOOSE to develop and grow a relationship. A positive one such as a friendship, dating, marriage, business partnership, etc. Then human beings can choose to develop and cultivate, anger, deceit, greed, prejudice, control, any and every thing negative.

    Dear Amber. keep seeing life as it is and expressing it as it is and sharing your opinion. Never give up , give in, nor sell out. God bless you. Be strong. You are quite a person and a LADY!

    Yours truly.

    Lester Nixon.