Thursday, June 6, 2013

Springfield, IL: Lack of Conscience Made Cowards of Them All paraphrase William Shakespeare. The Illinois Legislature,
widely assumed to be battling into the last wee hours instead
chose to leave early on the Spring Session's last day, without
casting a single vote on contentious pension reform or gay
marriage. --2014 Illinois elections, anyone? Thus hath ambition
made cowards of them all, almost, with a huge dollop of lack
of conscience thrown in.

Really, will such a blatantly selfish move guarantee re-election
to Springfield next year? I have to believe SOME IL Legislative
Districts have a more informed and active populace than that.
But they were required to implement some form of federally-
mandated Conceal and Carry, despite its being a horrible idea
for any in the U.S.--so, at the point of a gun, figuratively, they
reacted and enacted.

Perhaps D.C. could enact some strictures of its own-not allowing
the "several states" elected to leave for home with their tails
between their legs if vitally important bills (those with sweeping
implications for millions) are left on the table.

If apathy will JUST die a speedy death, dreaming gives way
to intelligent, practical action, well, there's some hope for
Illinois escaping third world realities. But banking on such
an evolution WILL just hurt your heart.


  1. P.S.: IL Gov. Quinn has yanked 'em back to Springfield at the end of June for a special session--our state has had TWO credit rating downgrades this week! (So much for Illinois pride--we all should feel nothing but ire and embarrassment about being Illinoisans....)

  2. Let's hope that the special session will generate some meaningful decisions.

    As for DC enacting legislation affecting the states, you're alluding a legislative body that can't even get its act together to reverse the @#% Sequester! Dream on!