Saturday, June 22, 2013

Chicago's Public Schools: Stuck on Stupid

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Public
Schools' central office can't hack their way out of being
stuck on stupid with newly draconian, illogically-stultifying
cuts and proposals to the public schools.  According to
Art Golab at the Chicago Sun-Times (06/21/'13), students
at  much-touted Whitney Young will be paying an "extra"
$500 next year if they want to take a seventh period class.
(-?) What does "extra" mean? Aren't the public schools
free education, attendance mandated by law?

The other outrage, perhaps more serious, is the reduction
in  Reading, English,  Physical Education, Technology
programs, and outright elimination of Art classes at Burley
Elementary, a top-scoring school.  (More schools will
be following suit shortly.)  So what will we be
producing here in the future? Young people who know
nothing about where they came from, who express
themselves ever more egregiously erroneously than
Americans currently do, bank on it.

Then there's the Republic, which is becoming more
primitive and uncivilized by the week. We seem to
be sliding back to evil old days, and only a relative
few are rising to protest such sad phenomena...
more schooling on diverse subjects is vital, NOT

But drunk with power, stupidity and ego as these
Chicago "higher-ups" now are, I don't see a swift
solution, except to ensure Emanuel's term of office
in  the singular...

Let's make Rahm run away after one term;  let's
not stay stuck on stupid.


  1. Couldn't agree with you more! But it's going to be a challenge to find a strong candidate to oppose him. It's also safe to assume that Rahm's financial war-chest will be well stocked.

    And yes, what's happening with the public schools is pretty disgraceful, especially when so much of our money is being diverted to the charter schools.

    Incidentally, did you check out Rahm's latest school board appointment, the replacement for Penny Pritzker? It's an investment banker named Deborah Quazzo, who sits on the board of a chain of charters known as the KIPP (knowledge Is Power Program) schools. She also contributed to Rahm's last campaign, as well as Bruce Rauner's (a right-wing Republican currently running for governor).

    As Chicago Teachers' Union leader Karen Lewis stated, "He missed an opportunity to appoint a more compassionate voice."

    1. --"Missed" nothing, Karen Lewis was merely being uncharacteristically nice. There are the same sorts of "inner circle" problems out here in the western 'burbs and all around the planet. Until our campaign financing laws are drastically reformed, the intentional or subconscious "I owe 'em, so I promote 'em" (or their ideas) scenarios will repeat ad nauseam, etc.

  2. *Note: This is inclusive of your contributions in the FPR comments.)

    It's not called being in the weeds for nothing. You are there.
    Don't confuse stupid with clever. The PTB subscribe to the "keep `em flailing" strategy to confuse, complicate and frustrate any workable organized opposition. When attacking, no defense is needed.

    Clearly something isn't right, but good luck identifying a singular aspect that will begin to make a difference. The rallying points are too numerous and multi-dimensional.

    You've picked, "Until our campaign financing laws are drastically reformed"???

    What are the odds? SCOTUS hath spaketh on that avenue to reform. Money = speech. Corps are people. It would take a few generations to undo what the Fab Five have undone.

    Considered from an adequate perspective, it's clearly all connected, clearly it has been deliberately woven to reinforce and perpetuate the shining path of St. Ronnie et al. Note that the invisible hands are no longer required. Policy is set. Inertia demands continuation. Continuation demands civility as defined by the PTB. If so; Fuck civility. There has to be a clean break/breach.

    Bring a lunch and a sleeping bag, you're gonna get hungry and tired.

    1. Dear "B", I'm still going to fight whatever I feel is wrong/unjust out here. It's just that all the hollering in our local politics isn't getting us anywhere, so I've decided to appeal to certain of the elected's humanity (-it's in there somewhere! Perhaps merely a forlorn hope). Re: "until our campaign financing laws..." I didn't cite that as a probable, more like a warning.

      Just call me Donna Quixote. Best Wishes to you and yours. Glad to see you are communicating.

  3. Amber. My siblings and I attended and graduated from Chicago public schools.

    Things were I feel different and better then. Chicago the nation and the world have as we all expected changed since then.Then it was known as THE CHICAGO BOARD OF EDUCATION.

    Many metropolitan areas are changing. Change as we all know can be good or bad.What happens in major cities

    seems to I feel often migrates to suburban areas. How what is ( Or is not ) going in in Chicago regarding the schools, crime, the economy, morals, families, etc I feel WILL AND IS finding it;s way ( Being brought out to ) SUBURBAN areas.

    Many questions exist regarding the schools ( ALSO LIFE ) in the city. What will happen to, THE CHILDREN, TO THEIR EDUCATION, THEIR SAFETY, THEIR FAMILIES, THE CITY IN GENERAL regarding what is being done to the schools there?What will Chicago and surrounding areas be like in just a few years? When will what is going on there effect the suburbs? God help us!WHAT WILL BE DONE ( WHAT WILL BE GOING ON IN ) all the vacant school building in the city? MANY QUESTIONS AND AS USUAL NO ANSWERS from the powers that be in Chicago. Maybe not stupid just CRAZY AND SLY LIKE FOXES they are. Great blog Amber. Thank you.

    Lester Nixon.

    1. Thank you, Lester. Obviously you have the same concerns, pretty much, as our friend "D" and I have. Welcome to the Worry Club. Now if we can just figure out the proper actions to take....Best Wishes!

  4. Dear Amber.

    You are welcome and thank you. Been in the worry club for decades but went to the side lines as too much worry can and does in many ways get s deep into our spirit and can harm us.Communicating with the right ( truly like minded concerned people ) is a better way to live and find positive solutions I feel. A blessed SUNDAY to you LADY Amber.Live , love, learn and be Amber.