Thursday, August 8, 2013

Planet Earth, Theater of the Absurd: Facts vs. PR Disjuncts

Well, friends, neighbors and the occasional other reader, it's
time to excoriate the irrational (and therefore unhelpful) in the
news here at home and elsewhere-Earth:

(1) President Obama claims  we're not stopping our world
involvements due to terror while 19 U.S. foreign embassies
remain closed--for over a week. --Disconnect, anyone?
[I back the closings, but not the rah-rah, we fear no one
verbiage which ISN'T supported by events and many of us.]

(2) Announcements continue that the NSA's various sweeps
and programs are ever more broad and intrusive, yet the NSA
stridently, confidently claims their actions are legal:
a. They are NOT legal, as these practices violate several
articles and amendments of the U.S. Constitution, putatively
the highest law of the land.
b. See (1): PRISM, both versions of the Patriot Act, etc.,
show just how terrified our USA is of terrorism, just how deep
a mark they have made on the national psyche. --Terror as
psychological warfare? That's where the terrorists HAVE
won. [Not to mention all the practical ways life and travel
have changed here.]

Let's leave the Theater of the Absurd and recognize certain
uncomfortable home truths: our nation is just about as
vulnerable to violence and vandalism as everybody else.
Can't we cease the public blather about how we're
still number one, how we remain totally unaffected by
murderous extremists?--In my lifetime? Please?

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  1. This frightening theater one needs not buy a ticket just keep your eyes open. When Pearl Harbor was bombed if I am recalling my history right were there not ambassadors in America from Japan?

    Years ago I woke up to 911.. Any thing can happen any time any where as we with common sense and OPEN eyes, etc know. Thanks for More truth and reality dear Lady Amber.

    Be well. Always be you. Never give up, give in, nor conform. God bless!