Thursday, August 8, 2013

Rahm Rams Through More Misuse of Chicago's People and TIFs

He's at it again, the vitriolic, stubborn and not-so-smart Mayor
of Chicago. Oh yes, he's clever; as an attorney he successfully
brokered the sale of  Com Ed to Exelon (along with other
nuclear utilities), which made him $$$$$$ and Exelon  the
largest nuclear utility in the U.S. He's also unusually canny in
the political arena, combining bullying and other forms of
hardball to be a congressman and Presidential White House
Chief of Staff--catapulting him onto the 5th floor of Chicago's
City/County Building, otherwise known as City Hall.

--But as an administrator, a fair-handed one? One who effectively
demonstrates caring about ALL of Chicago, be they rich or poor?
(You know, as Harold Washington did?) Good golly, Wally
and Miss Molly, nooooo! he ain't, he's hardly a saint...there are
the 49 simultaneous school closings, adversely affecting the
children, teachers, parents and those neighborhoods.

                     ********and now*********

The Reader, long a free paper lifting the veil of official secrecy
and outrage in Chicago, has recently exposed the latest local
Chicago crime against humanity--a deal being brokered between
the city,  a certain railroad company out of Virginia, and our
horrible, unethical, mismanaged TIFs.  According to venerable
Reader writer Ben Joravsky (August 1st),  a two-mile swath of
Englewood will be dedicated to a freight yard which will pollute
the area. But a few hundred jobs will be created, says Norfolk
Southern. --Great! Poison the many, force people out, destroy
their homes,  but a small percentage of folks will earn a paycheck.
Is this  responsible or caring action planning?

Then there is the further finagling of Chicago TIFs, proposed by
the Mayor to facilitate this unholy project, mercifully shot down,
albeit, I suspect, only  temporarily. Complying with various laws
requiring public announcements about these matters, the city
used the expedient of printing the mandated verbiage in the
Legal Notices section of  the two dailies--cynically done, as
who reads those notices?

YET SOME of Englewood's more observant residents DO
peruse said notices and are mounting a defense, which I fear
will lose in the short term...but perhaps, not in the long run.
These shenanigans should represent another factual nail in
the coffin confining Rahm to one term. How much more
misuse of people, land and money can Chicago take?


  1. In these times and in the near future people had better keep their eyes ( PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, SPIRITUAL EYES ) wide open! Keep their wits about them.

    It is and will get deeper and slicker fast!

    All those closing schools. What will be done with all the REAL ESTATE? The school buildings , equipment, books, etc?MANY questions. No answers from Chicago's mayor and others it seems.

    Another BLOG OF TRUTH Lady Amber. God bless you and thank you. Have a great day! Keep it real and stay true. I know you will.

  2. Good question regarding the real estate, Lester. I suppose that the abandoned schools will have to be secured one way or another: enclosure with electric fencing or 24-7 security. Finding alternative uses for former school buildings in disinvested neighborhoods is largely a pipe dream.

    The Norfolk Southern deal and its toxic consequences for Englewood is typical of the Emanuel Fiefdom's disdain for workaday Chicagoans. Diversion of public funding for a new DePaul arena is another, despite the fact that two other stadium fiascos are not paying for themselves: 1) The renovation of Soldier Field and the construction of Cellular Field for the White Sox.

    As for the use of public dollars for charter schools and the consequent sacking of public schools, don't get me started!

  3. Dan. All you stated is true! Regarding public money, I wonder how much Chicago and Illinois tax payer money will go into the NEW WRIGLEY FIELD? Also the New ( I bet many residents will not like it .) WRIGLEY VILLE.

    Then regarding the schools, what is going to be done with any equipment, desks, etc not going to new schools with students? All that equipment in the abandoned schools buildings has a dollar value?

    More questions. As usual no answers.

    1. Shootings have happened recently in the areas marked with safe passage signage. WHO exactly are the idiots running the store here? Emanuel, Bennett and Lewis are not qualified to hold their current posts.